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Journalist and writer. Chinese and Korean drama addict. Rarely drop and almost never FF. High cheese tolerance. Most of all, a sucker for angsty journeys that end in happily ever afters. 

My Ratings Scale (For Full-Length Dramas and Films)

9.5-10 = Truly exceptional, near perfect.

9-9.5 = Excellent, one of the best of the year.

8.5-9 = Pretty good to great. Well executed, hits the right emotional notes, solid cast and acting.

8 = Good. Enjoyed it, despite some imperfections, very watchable. 

7.5 = OK. Watchable but execution/story/acting/cast/character could have been better, and/or had problematic elements. (Pretty decent for short-length/mini dramas.)

7 = Not great, weak story or execution, lots of problematic issues, but I stuck with it because of the cast.

Less than 7 (<6.5 for Short-Length/Mini Dramas) = Ranging from not good to unwatchable. Astoundingly annoying characters, or only watching for the cast, exceptionally poor production quality/story/acting, super problematic, etc. 


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