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very much into Wookie


very much into Wookie

I am Anne with an E! 

Bangtan is life, so let's fangirl with me. 

Prepping for a nomadic life. Speaks broken English! 

Living in a complicated lifestyle, lugging around excess baggage. 

Loving and admiring Ji Chang Wook is my daily source of joy and inspiration. 

After full-time work and study; I have to prioritize drama if my favorite actors are in it! 

Started watching K-dramas to learn Korean. 

Let's explore my small yet significant dramaland journey with me!

First K-drama
First Taiwanese Drama
First Japanese Drama
First Chinese Drama
First Thai Drama
50th Drama Milestone
Most Favorite K-drama
Most Binge Watched K-drama
Favorite Historical K-drama
Favorite K School Drama
Favorite K Medical Drama
Favorite K Action Drama

Favorite Romantic K-drama

Favorite Noona Love K-drama

Favorite Dramas to Rewatch

Most Favorite Korean Actor

Hall Of JCW

Whoever is reading my profile, hope you will enjoy the drama journey along with me!


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