par Lily Alice, avril 9, 2024

On April 8, JTBC's Scandal Supervisor aired an exclusive interview with another alleged victim claiming to have been assaulted by Song Ha Yoon along with two others. 

On April 1, JTBC's current affairs program Scandal Supervisor reported that an anonymous informant, "A", had been beaten for 90 minutes by Song Ha Yoon, who was one year their senior in high school, without explaining the reason for doing so, and suspicions of Song Ha Yoon's school violence surfaced. In response, Song Ha Yoon's agency strongly denied the allegations, saying, "After confirming the facts with the actress regarding the informant's claims, we found that the actress and the informant are strangers to each other, and all the accusations are not true."

"A" previously also disclosed that Song Ha Yoon, along with two others, collectively assaulted another student, "B", which resulted in her forced transfer to a different high school.  The agency again denied the accusation, saying, "All of the information in question is not true," and announced that it would take civil and criminal legal action against the informant and the Scandal Supervisor. 

Scandal Supervisor in the April 8 broadcast, revealed an interview with alleged victim "B", who claims to have been subjected to assault by actress Song Ha Yoon and two others when they were in their senior year of high school 20 years ago. 

The alleged victim, when asked the question, "Did Song Ha Yoon also hit?" stated, "Yes. The disciplinary committee [incident] and forced transfer were so clear that all of our classmates knew about it. It was a serious matter, and I got hit a lot too. I was told I would need four weeks to recover."

According to claims of "B", "B" and the two other assailants were originally close friends. Then, Song Ha Yoon transferred to their school and started a rift between "B" and their friends, saying B was spreading bad rumors about them. This led to a group assault. "B" alleged that it is a fact that Song Ha Yoon also hit them with her hands and feet and participated in the assault.

"B" said, "The two friends who were initially close [to me] came to my house and knelt and apologized. And Kim Mi Seon [Song Ha Yoon's real name] never apologized."

Song Ha Yoon's agency, Kingkong by Starship Entertainment, previously explained that the actress's only involvement in the school violence incident that led to her forced transfer was informing the perpetrators about the victim's attendance at school on the day of the assault since the victim was Song Ha Yoon's deskmate at the time. 

In response to this claim, "B" said, "Because we had desks in one row, there is no way she was my deskmate. They say we were deskmates, but we sat in a single row instead of two." B also refuted Song Ha Yoon's claim by saying that they did not go to school at all on the day of the incident.

When the anchor asked, "If Song Ha Yoon apologizes, would you accept it?" the victim firmly responded, "I can accept apologies from other friends, but I have no intention of accepting hers. I don't think she apologizes because she genuinely wants to. I have no desire to accept apologies because my high school life was ruined because of her."

"B" also expressed disbelief at Song Ha Yoon's agency's statement that she was not acquainted with the first alleged victim, "A", stating, "It's nonsense to say you didn't know [them]."

On the April 8 broadcast of Scandal Supervisor, additional statements by "A", regarding the allegations of school violence, were also disclosed. "A" stated, "Her continuing to deny what she has done without any sense of guilt is no different from insulting all the victims who suffered from Song Ha Yoon's [bullying], avoiding responsibility, and denying the past. If all of this is truly unfounded and [she is] innocent, she can sue me for spreading false information and defamation because she clearly knows who I am. If not, I hope she admits [her mistake] and apologizes now. That way, the public might consider [the incidents] as past mistakes and try to forgive her." 

Song Ha Yoon's agency maintains its initial stance emphasizing the accusations to be groundless. Another statement from their side is yet to be issued.

On the other hand, entertainment industry insiders have pointed out inconsistencies in the date of Song Ha Yoon's school transfer and the reported incident, further complicating the case.