par Lily Alice, juin 14, 2024

Red Swan has unveiled character stills of Jung Ji Hoon, better known by his stage name Rain. 

The Disney+ original series Red Swan revolves around Wan Su, the daughter-in-law of the Hwain Group's family and a foundation's chairperson famous for her charity work, and her bodyguard Do Yun. They find their lives in danger due to an inheritance war and the secrets surrounding the Hwain Family. 

Seo Do Yun (Rain) is a graduate of the police academy equipped with exceptional martial arts skills. After saving O Wan Su (Kim Ha Neul), Hwain Group family's daughter-in-law and icon, from a terrorist incident, he joins Hwain Group as a bodyguard aiming to uncover secrets surrounding a friend's death. Taking charge of protecting Wan Su, he begins to unravel Hwain Group's family's scandals.

Rain expressed, "Do Yun, who serves to give dramatic elements within the storytelling, was fascinating and charming." He also emphasized, "For the action filming, our focus was to 'not do the action scenes we've seen before.' So, except for the dangerous parts, I did most of the action myself."

Red Swan will premiere exclusively on Disney+ on July 3, with two episodes released every Wednesday, for a total of 10 episodes.