par lo_ve, novembre 21, 2022

Lee Young Ae is confirmed to return to K-drama world after two years.

Early this month, it was reported that Lee Young Ae is in discussion to lead a music thriller drama. On November 21st, the production company of the drama announced that Lee Young Ae is officially confirmed to lead the upcoming k-drama "Maestra." 

"Maestra" will tell the story of an orchestra conductor who has many secrets and will dig into the truth about a mysterious incident surrounding her. The story will be adapted from the French drama titled "Philharmonia."

Lee Young Ae will play the role of Cha Se Eum, a violinist turned conductor. Her position is envied by many. Her life will be shaken because of the secrets she keeps.

"Maestra" will be the next work of director Kim Jung Kwon who also helmed the k-dramas "Lie After Lie," "I Hate You Juliet," and the hit 2000 film "Ditto."

The upcoming series will reportedly begin filming early in 2023. There are no details yet on the premiere date, broadcast network, and other casts that will join the top actress.

"Maestra" will be the follow-up project of Lee Young Ae after the 2021 series "Inspector Koo" with Kim Hye Joon, Kim Hae Sook, Kwak Sun Young, Baek Sung Chul, and Jo Hyun Chul

This time, Lee Young Ae will take up the challenge of the music thriller genre. 

Lee Young Ae has starred in several K-dramas with different genres such as  "Love and Marriage," "West Palace," "Papa," "The Reason I Live," "Wave," "Jewel in the Palace," "Saimdang, Light’s Diary," and more.

"Maestra" is the first project of Lee Young Ae as she enters her 30th year in the acting industry. 


Are you excited about how Lee Young Ae will portray the role of an orchestra conductor?