par Lily Alice, juin 14, 2024

Recently, a press conference for Miss Night and Day was held in Seoul.

Miss Night and Day follows the story of Lee Mi Jin (Jung Eun Ji), a young woman who, one day, mysteriously wakes up as an old lady. Taking this as an opportunity, Mi Jin begins a new life as a senior intern at Seohan District Public Prosecutors' Office under the name Lim Soon (Lee Jung Eun).

Talking about the reason for choosing the role, veteran actress Lee Jung Eun said, "She has the heart of a woman in her 20s, but she turned 50. There comes a moment when the protagonist gives up and wants to become someone else, and I was curious about how she would live. It's a tough time for her to get employment, and I thought it would be a drama that offers empathy and comfort to young people. When the director and writer, known for their work on melodramas, suggested it, I agreed immediately." 

Jung Eun Ji said, "I found the script very appealing. The concept of [the character] being different by day and night, and two people playing one role, was interesting. When I heard that senior actress Lee Jung Eun was cast, I had no reason not to do it. It seemed like an opportunity for growth. [The concept of] two people playing the same role was truly wonderful." 

Choi Jin Hyuk commented, "I found the script very interesting. I auditioned for a project by director Lee Hyung Min right after my debut. At that time, he told me many important things. I gained a lot of courage from that experience and always wanted to work with him. The script was so interesting and since it was director Lee, I had no reason to refuse."

In Miss Night and Day, Lee Jung Eun and Jung Eun Ji play the same character. Lee Jung Eun plays the older persona of Lee Mi Jin, and Jung Eun Ji plays the younger persona of Mi Jin. If the actresses' synchronization falls short of expectations, the drama can fail to immerse viewers. However, the team expressed confidence in the actresses, attributing the seamless portrayal of the character to their talent and hard work. 

Lee Jung Eun stated, "Jung Eun Ji is from Busan, and she sent me voice files. I tried to match her tone. Jung Eun Ji is good at sports and plays a versatile character in the drama. I tried to share commonalities in athleticism and movement. As she is an idol, she had dancing scenes [in the drama], which were challenging [for me to copy]. After filming, I watched a lot of her videos and practiced choreography from midnight to 3 a.m. to get it right."

About Lee Jung Eun, Jung Eun Ji said, "While filming, I felt that senior Lee Jung Eun thought in a similar way to me. It was easy to follow her lead. Our chemistry was naturally good."

Director Lee Hyung Min promised empathy and comfort, stating, "There will be fun in watching similarities between Lee Jung Eun and Jung Eun Ji [on screen]."

Miss Night and Day will premiere on June 15. The K-drama will be available to stream on Netflix.