par Lily Alice, juin 11, 2024

Jang Na Ra and Nam Ji Hyun's Good Partner drops poster. 

Good Partner tells the story of star divorce lawyer Cha Eun Kyung (Jang Na Ra) and rookie lawyer Han Yoo Ri (Nam Ji Hyun). The show portrays the dilemmas people experience when they face unexpected breakups that were not part of their life plans. It is expected to deliver empathy and catharsis as it follows divorce lawyers striving to make the best choices in the harsh game of life.  

The main poster hints at the contrasting personalities of lawyers Cha Eun Kyung and Han Yoo Ri.

The veteran star lawyer Cha Eun Kyung, with 17 years of experience, exudes charisma. Her confident gaze, calm demeanor, and somewhat cynical smile befit her aura of a star lawyer. In contrast, the sparkling eyes of rookie lawyer Han Yoo Ri betray her enthusiasm and determination as she takes her first steps in her career as a divorce lawyer. 

Cha Eun Kyung, who prioritizes efficiency, and Han Yoo Ri, who is clumsy but highly empathetic, arouse curiosity about their synergy.

Cha Eun Kyung, a straightforward and somewhat prickly veteran divorce lawyer, experiences significant changes as she clashes with and bonds with Han Yoo Ri, who is her complete opposite, at a turning point in her life. Han Yoo Ri, who cannot tolerate injustice, constantly clashes with Cha Eun Kyung and grows through these experiences. 

Good Partner will premiere on July 12. More news about the K-drama's OTT service is yet to come.