Both shows have the protagonist get a second chance for revenge for the greater good of whatever they were after
Recommandé par vulpinekl
More revenge roles from Song Jong Ki with top-notch acting. Song Jong Ki here plays an Italian mafia boss who goes to Korea to collect stashed away gold under a building which is supposed to be torn down. He finds a community that desperately needs his help. There are a lot of laughs, a lot of action, and great storytelling. Hey, you might even cry. It definitely holds up to all of the rewards it received in 2021. I really think you'll like it.
Recommandé par Jonnan24
- Stock manipulation
- Case manipulation
- Money & power hungry
- Political
- Prosecutors are easily swayed by their greediness for power
Recommandé par Nodus
Both dramas are business dramas with strong makjang elements . Both center on incredibly intelligent "loyal employees"of a chaebol family seeking revenge and grooming them for their downfall. Both dramas have unhinged supporting characters who are the supposed "heirs" and both also have compelling villains with multi dimensions. Furthermore - Both main characters also have GREAT chemistry with said villains .

Just all in all -very similar vibes
Recommandé par nfabjoy
midas is similar to reborn rich .............
the end of midas is good not like reborn rich.................
Recommandé par nizar
someone who worked very hard then got betray by his girlfriend.

this show is also about business and revenge!
Recommandé par geniusfreak007
=> Male lead is very rich but both started out very poor in the story (in reborn rich, male lead was poor in his original life then became rich in his reincarnated life) while female lead is a prosecutor/former prosecutor.
=> The world of money, business, corrupt officials and business people somehow affecting the elections
=> Prosecutors are featured as important characters in the show
=> You need to understand some legal, government, and business jargon as well as the first or first two episodes to understand what is going in both both shows.
Recommandé par Sageuk Lover
Both drams have revenge plots that take years.
Both are suspenseful and exciting watches
Reborn rich has a ML seeking revenge while in The Glory it’s the FL

Recommandé par rakhamn
In both dramas ML time travel to the past and has a chance to change the future. Also both ML are chasing the murderer.
Recommandé par Mockingbird111
Both MC travel back to the past to live a new life. Reborn Rich ending would be better if it's the same as Life on Mars.
Recommandé par ryomohammad
Male leads who switched lives due to some circumstances. Both drama has similar trope ; Swap identity and Hidden identity.
Recommandé par nananur
Managing director Kang Pil Joo is envied by many inside the Chungah Group where he is known for his intelligence and high-performance. He keeps his real identity a secret from the Chungah Group founding family and serves them as an obedient servant but he is actually grooming them for his scheme.
Recommandé par saya
'Little Women' is a story dominated by strong, richly drawn female characters rarely seen in Korean dramas.
Adventure and suspense are words that are typically reserved for male-led stories in the Korean market, but 'Little Women' gave us a story dominated by strong, inspiring, and richly characterized women, the likes of which have seldom been seen before.
Recommandé par Dramatic Rush
If you like a good revenge themed plot you'll like this, there's also Park Jinyoung who was cameo in Reborn Rich and a main role in Devil Judge, anyways I think Devil Judge, Reborn rich and Vincenzo have that heroic thrill to them so watch them all
Recommandé par Ahgase7_KD
Finest work by same ML.
Recommandé par ItsBlu3Viper
Youngest Son of a Conglomerate (2022) poster



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