Both have this paranormal genre, while the male-lead is an alien in "Star" the female-lead is a mermaid in "Legend", and both have super-powers as creatures. Both series follows up the path of true love through reincarnation, humor and excitement! And lastly, both dramas have Gianna Jun in role of the Female-Lead !
Recommandé par Azet
Both of them tell the story of a human who falls in love with an alien who came from another planet.
Recommandé par Paula
The general story is the same but it was done completely different. They both had aspects that I liked and disliked but I preferred the style of My Amazing Boyfriend better. Essentially if you liked one you should like the other.
Recommandé par bandrew8964
It's another fantasy drama that I love. It has similar elements in that the girl is spunky (in a more tough tomboyish way), and it will make you laugh. I highly recommend it, as I found My Love From Another Star somehow similar.
Recommandé par Kristen Gregory
Both really cute, rom/com dramas. The main actor is hot & both have great chemistry. Must watch, you'll love it!
Recommandé par Scarletx
Similarly hollow feeling to the stories. Both are captivating and easy to watch with very nice cinematography. Romance isn't super prominent, and both carry a supernatural theme, with Goblin leaning more on the high-fantasy historical side and YWCFTS more modern and not as "epic".
While Goblin's conflict stays more on the supernatural side of things, YWCFTS' conflict is a murderer. Has a more "earthly" feel than Goblin, but similar overall.
Recommandé par kori
Kim Dan (Angel) - Do Min Joo (Alien)
Super powers = Super powers
Both male characters has the same fate that they will only have 3 months left to stay as a human.

Both lead actresses has that ugly personality but turned into a good girl but ended up so obsessed to their love begging them to stay.
Recommandé par Newbb
Both leads are hilarious without even trying. Feel-good Dramas to the max!
Recommandé par 151885
Both shows give off the same vibe. Both of the male leads are/arrived at the Joseon era. Both end up going to the modern era [Time travel/staying on Eart]
Even though Do Min Joon's already living in our era while Kim Boong Do both end up falling in love with a girl who's an actress.
Not to mention the fact that both dramas show really lovely romance stories, cute scenes and can give you good laugh and then tear you apart in a matter of minutes.
Recommandé par Inactive
both are funny especially the female leads, fantasy elements in both drama, sizzling chemistry between the leads.
Recommandé par ahjussiaddict
I find them having same vibe
In both dramas leads have rough start and then started growing on each other
Both dramas involved a famous hot shot celebrity
Soft hearted under narcissist shell MLs
Loud and Bubly FLs
Bickering Couple
Mystery Element
Recommandé par Nimrah Laroush Bhatti
The same bold witty strong female lead character, the guy who has some 'debt' in the past to the girl and try to protect her in the present, the second male lead who finally join hands with the male lead to protect the girl. and they have a pshycho as the bad guy.
Recommandé par cuzie
both dramas deal with a supernatural being and finding love between a supernatural being and a human. Both dramas have the mains face obstacles that stand in their way and people who are determined to stop them from being together.
Recommandé par so1jhk
My Love From Another Star is the Thai remake of the original Korean drama You Who Came From the Stars.
Recommandé par JojoOnDatBeat
-Both Male lead are very strong at fighting
-Both Male lead hide their real identity
-Younger brother hates older brother because his older brother is evil. The difference is in Healer he hates his older brother at the beginning of the story, while in YWCFTS he hates his older brother in the middle of the story.
Recommandé par Precious Ja Eun
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