My Love from the Star Épisode 1

9.1/10 from 206 users
Dec 18, 2013
400 years ago, Do Min Joon came to Earth from an alien planet and saved Seo Yi Hwa, who was in critical danger. 400 years later, Cheon Song Yi became an idol. Song Yi moves to her… read more

My Love from the Star Épisode 2

9.2/10 from 166 users
Dec 19, 2013
400 years ago, Min Joon saved Yi Hwa in an accident and formed a bond with her. Later, Min Joon used his time-freezing ability once again to save Yi Hwa from being kidnapped. Yi Hwa… read more

My Love from the Star Épisode 3

9.1/10 from 155 users
Dec 25, 2013
Song Yi did not tell Min Joon that she was the little girl in the picture. 400 years ago, Yi Hwa's family was devastated because they thought Yi Hwa had died. The misunderstanding… read more

My Love from the Star Épisode 4

9.2/10 from 155 users
Dec 26, 2013
400 years ago, a heartbroken Yi Hwa returned to her parents' place with Min Joon. Yi Hwa's parents blamed her for ruining the family's reputation by bringing a strange man to the house,… read more

My Love from the Star Épisode 5

9.2/10 from 149 users
Jan 01, 2014
Min Joon runs into Jae Kyung onboard, talking to his man about killing Yoo Ra. The police are also investigating the case. The television programme showing historic events reminded… read more

My Love from the Star Épisode 6

9.2/10 from 152 users
Jan 02, 2014
400 years ago, Min Joon and Yi Hwa escaped from the officials. Yi Hwa lost her life to protect Min Joon. Back in modern times, Song Yi was judged and criticized by the media, and her… read more

My Love from the Star Épisode 7

9.3/10 from 147 users
Jan 08, 2014
Song Yi receives a package with a dead mouse inside and seeks protection from Min Joon. Min Joon begins using a cell phone for her sake, and he also brings her food that she likes.… read more

My Love from the Star Épisode 8

9.3/10 from 161 users
Jan 09, 2014
Hwi Kyung immediately comes to help after hearing about Song Yi's accident. Se Mi confesses her love to Hwi Kyung when they meet, and Hwi Kyung rejects her love subtly. Song Yi runs… read more

My Love from the Star Épisode 9

9.2/10 from 117 users
Jan 15, 2014
Min Joon falls sick after kissing Song Yi but refuses to go to the hospital. Min Joon learns that Song Yi is in love with the man who saved her in an accident, who is none other than… read more

My Love from the Star Épisode 10

9.2/10 from 129 users
Jan 16, 2014
Hwi Kyung and Song Yi question Min Joon face to face, asking whether he is the person who saved Song Yi 12 years ago and in a recent car accident. Min Joon denies it. Hwi Kyung warns… read more

My Love from the Star Épisode 11

9.2/10 from 117 users
Jan 22, 2014
Min Joon uses his special ability to escape from the killing. Song Yi realises there is a killer inside the house waiting for a chance to take action, and she calls for help. Se Mi… read more

My Love from the Star Épisode 12

9.1/10 from 119 users
Jan 23, 2014
Min Joon leaves the scene of the car crash and ignores calls from Song Yi. Police Yoo Den Poon also develops suspicion over the case and contacts Jang Young Mok to question his relationship… read more

My Love from the Star Épisode 13

9.1/10 from 105 users
Jan 29, 2014
Min Joon fails to scare off Song Yi. Instead, Song Yi becomes more curious about him. Liu Xi finds some truths sealed with Min Joon and tries to research. Song Yi returns to the company… read more

My Love from the Star Épisode 14

8.7/10 from 113 users
Feb 05, 2014
Song Yi falls from a height during a shoot for an advertisement. Hwi Kyung gets hurt in an attempt to save Song Yi. They are both sent to the hospital. Song Yi's parents rush to the… read more

My Love from the Star Épisode 15

9.2/10 from 119 users
Feb 06, 2014
Song Yi forgives her father for leaving without a reason all these years. Min Joon goes to the police station and hands over the evidence proving that Jae Kyung is the one who killed… read more

My Love from the Star Épisode 16

9.2/10 from 112 users
Feb 12, 2014
Min Joon is not supposed to have close contact with human bodies and feels unwell after kissing Song Yi. Song Yi sends him home for a rest. Min Joon met Young Mok, whose bag was carrying… read more

My Love from the Star Épisode 17

9.1/10 from 109 users
Feb 13, 2014
Min Joon says that he will never return to Earth after leaving. Song Yi says she can wait for him forever. They walk on the campus when a female student comes straight to flirt with… read more

My Love from the Star Épisode 18

8.8/10 from 104 users
Feb 19, 2014
Jae Kyung's wife claims that she was imprisoned by him, but Jae Kyung denies it. He even wants to fall out with Hwi Kyung. Young Mok visits Min Joon and expresses his worries about… read more

My Love from the Star Épisode 19

8.8/10 from 109 users
Feb 20, 2014
Jae Kyung rushes to Hwi Kyung's house, where he explains all of his wrongdoings, but holds Hwi Kyung at gunpoint and demands the voice recording of their eldest brother. Min Joon appears… read more

My Love from the Star Épisode 20

9.1/10 from 100 users
Feb 26, 2014
Min Joon proposes to Song Yi, but she tries to persuade him to return to his home planet. They disappear for a few days, which sparks extensive news coverage from media platforms.… read more

My Love from the Star Épisode 21

8.9/10 from 129 users
Feb 27, 2014
Min Joon leaves Earth along with the meteor shower. Song Yi is overcome by grief and has occasional hallucinations because she misses Min Joon. She would see him during her drama filming,… read more

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