A story about how a girl cross path with a man that’s also a dog. They slowly learn more about each other and eventually fall in love.
Recommandé par Ktrash8_8
Both are short-length dramas in which the ML/one of the MLs is a dog and has dog-like characteristics. Both dramas have a sweet/endearing tone, and features co-habitation.
Recommandé par emeraldarrows
they're both love stories between one human and non human who became human. One of them is animal snd otjer one is teddy bear
Recommandé par akdage
both are adorable and make you feel warm and fuzzy.

Romantic dynamics are similar between them.

Some indecision/personal understanding leading up to the relationship.
Recommandé par CosmicLouise777
Both are BLs with a human ML and a human/animal ML(s) with animal characteristics/personality living together.
Recommandé par emeraldarrows
Both are BLs about the relationship between one of the leads who is human, and the other lead who is a cat(or dog)/human shapeshifter who begins living with the human.
Recommandé par emeraldarrows
Choco Milk Shake and A First Story both have some really sweet and fluffy vibes. They are both produced by the same company Strongberry.
Recommandé par BL Compilations
Both the series feature at least one of the main lead who have passed away and explore the concept of void left by their departure. Choco Milk Shake has a lighter tone though.
Recommandé par Charlotte1412
Eu acho que é aconchegante igualmente, passa um paz no no coração mas ainda sim uma preocupações
Recommandé par Yuyuzinha
those both korean BL have a sunny, smile and endearing character, Choco or Yoon Chan, so it gives to the couple a cute dynamic, with their opposite partner with a colder personality !!
Recommandé par lee
Unconventional love interests melt their "owners'" hearts. In Choco Milk Shake, you have a man who's unlucky in love falling for his formerly deceased dog. In Anti Reset, a man who's never known love finds it in a caregiving AI. Both are sweet romances with odd plots.
Recommandé par t t t
At first, they don't seem all that similar. However, both dramas involve 2 men who come to earth from heaven (gods in Handmade Love, deceased pets in Choco Milk Shake) with the intention of it only being temporary to fulfill their mission. The endings of the dramas are where you'll find the most similarity, with a somber sense of whimsy as they decide what to do once their missions are over, and the comradery/love they settle into.
Recommandé par AthenaTheStorierX
One is the drama, the other is a cute side story.
Recommandé par emeraldarrows
They both have Lee Jae Bin as a main actor (lead couple) & they're both korean BL !!
Even if Choco Milk Shake is less serious, with a topic more joyful and calm, Gray Shelter is following the path of a BL with well written characters, sad backgrounds, and (to me), realistic characters, with real behaviors
Recommandé par lee
Both are short length dramas in which one or all of the MLs are cats in human form, aiding humans. One has a café setting and the other a bar.
Recommandé par emeraldarrows
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