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~This is a Lee Do Hyun fan account~

Hola, I'm Choa. I like kdramas  mostly and Gay/BL dramas (especially Korean, Japanese, and a bit of Taiwanese). Currently, trying to get into Jdramas also. My fav genres are horror, thriller, mystery, sci fi, and crime (very uplifting! haha). I usually only like romance if it's Gay/BL (and even then I can be picky), but I do indulge in the occasional romance or rom com if there is something special that piques my interest. Pretty much nothing I finish watching is rated below a 7 because if I feel it's worth less than that, I drop it. I listen to kpop and some jpop + cpop, other than that I also enjoy rock/alt rock and some western pop music. Feel free to add me if you want a mdl friend 


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