Both have humans who turn into monsters.
The world facing a huge human crisis.
Recommandé par DeobiMars
sweet home 2 is the continuation or ' second season ' if you will to sweet home. the cast is of course the same or mainly similar regarding the main cast and some/most of the support roles.
Recommandé par metawinbri_
Both series follow a monster protagonist who struggles to balance the importance of human and monster lives.

Both seasons feature similar plot twists that further develop the characters from the previous season.
Recommandé par Tanaka
For fans of one show, they might like the other one too. One has zombies and the other one has monsters but they belong to the same genre. Enjoy!
Recommandé par Jaehyun of NCT 127
this will be a great match for Sweet Home it come very soon in 2024 and just like Sweet Home, it is also very entertaining and full of trill series.
Recommandé par lunnn
there is a high chance that they are both like the trill drama or series based on thriller with the unknown creature that makes the series very interesting and one of the famous actor also play a role as a lead character in this series
Recommandé par lunnn
Both dramas have a similar vibe and people have to fight for their lifes as they are in the grave danger. Also the work is apocalyptic and seems to come to its end. In DAS one day the spheres appears and try to harm people and it's the same in SH where monsters appear.
Recommandé par Mockingbird111
If you enjoyed 'Sweet Home,' I recommend diving into 'Hellbound,' as both series share a gripping blend of intense storytelling and supernatural elements that will keep you on the edge of your seat.
Recommandé par SwoonWorthy
omg it's the season 2 of this drama it should be added . The direct the story everything is continution of the season 2
Recommandé par sweety_1004
The exact concept and monstrous environment of sweet home and survival of humas and good monsters and will be more thrilling and having super powers
Recommandé par sweety_1004
Both apocalyptic and heart stirring. Each has the perfect amount of thrill and danger while retaining themes of family and romance while battling the urge to survive.
Recommandé par koverosxm
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