The first season of the same show:)
I also haven't watched the first season, but from the first two episodes I got to understand that the overall rules and the main mcs are the same.
Recommandé par yalda siahpour
- Dating show.
- similar concept, dating.
- Living in the same house.
- Although in transit love there are couples who broke up and came to find new partner, in heart signal they simply come together to search for their partner.
- Interesting pair ups.
- Similar tension and drama.
Recommandé par Kamlyn blossoms
The ingredients are almost the same when it comes to this kind of dating show. The main difference with transit love is that the participants join the show with their Exes in tow.
Recommandé par Saygo
Similar to exchange season 1 and 2
Overall theme is same.
Recommandé par Dvi
This is a korean dating show that shows former couples living together, while none of the other couples know who the other exes are. These two shows are similar in the way they show romance in the daily life, but EXchange got a little different concept.
Recommandé par IU_baby
This show revolves around couples that have broken up and they can either rekindle the relationship or go on meet someone new.
Recommandé par Spid3rrr
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