same director and both series share some actors and actresses. the characters and some of the relationships are very similar. most of the characters have affairs with one another in both shows.
they are both relationship-centered series but the player has mystery.
Recommandé par offsgun
from thailand. thay have a simular feel to them. a woman dies and the police investigates then you get to see the different suspects and how they relate to the case also how they are suspects in the 1st place.
Recommandé par Melanie Sives
similar feel. company backdrop. the is an heir in both dramas that that has to marry or tries to marry a woman to keep his position within his family's company. this heir is gay. the only difference is that the player is more about the relationships and characters whereas the love proposal focuses more on the conflicts within the company and between family members
Recommandé par Melanie Sives
Same writer, similar topics about crime in high society, coruption also abusive rich people who play 'game' with life and death. While The Revenge rely on thrilling drama, more bloody, heavily on revenge plot. The Player focus on sexual tension and mind game, explore on how far any character can do, can they cross the line to hide their dark secrets away from others.

Recommandé par papfaize
Both talk about rich families who are in the same house and get involved in a murder case.
Both also have various suspicious person.
Both have the ambitions in focus.
Recommandé par Naythre
walking in circles to find out the truth behind a crime committed between a group of rich people and almost everyone is a suspect.
the same vibe, beside IFWT the murder was in the family itself.
And ofcourse The Player is much much darker
Recommandé par HebaTarek
- same director and cast (joss and tay)
- they both have that messy, dirty and heavy atmosphere;complicated relationships etc.
- both have straight female-bisexual male-gay male leads
Recommandé par Robinia
One of Namtan greatest roles as the baddie of the series
Past deeds affecting the future
Likeable and unlikeable characters in situations affecting each other
Recommandé par Silver_Sylphy
The same director. The Characters have similar problems and toxic traits.
Recommandé par WuraolaEdibo
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