Both Baker Boys and Bite Me have homosexual elements. Also, the setting of the story in both dramas involve food and cooking. Both shows also feature handsome male leads.
Recommandé par Nyx Medina
Let’s just say that both are about foods and they really shot the cooking process real well.. I won’t compare the plot or genre… just that as for the main course you might wanna watch this to be full but watch Baker Boys after that for the dessert
Recommandé par flower__kha
-Both are BL series
-Both series are centered around cooking
- Both have handsome leads
-Both teach you to value and treasure your partner/the person you love
-Both series have that one girl/woman we all love

A lil heads up, "Craving You" is a much shorter series than "Bite Me", it has 10 episodes and every episode is around 13 minutes long, so if you're watching it in one go, you'll watch it for around 2 hours in total.
Recommandé par Madee
Both shows are BL's that feature a chef/aspiring chef who enjoys making Thai cuisine and the food is the driving force which brings the main couple closer.
Recommandé par stay_del_luna
The same writer, Sammon, wrote both of the novels for these upcoming series as well as quite a few others.
Recommandé par ScarlettaMay
Both are:
> Bl (boys love) dramas (common tags - Gay Character, LGBTQ+)
> Centered around cooking/restaurants (common tags - Chef, Restaurant)
> Genres covered - Romance, Food
Recommandé par Coolestfae
My Sweet Dear & Bite Me both focus on boy love that centers around the culinary arts! Both shows have main leads that are skilled in cooking and or are well known skilled chefs!
Recommandé par muimui94
-Both Thai BL series
-Both are centered around cooking
- Both have handsome leads
-Both are productions if GMM
Recommandé par Mittyneko
If you like cooking, kitchen, and food. You should not miss this one. If you want to know about the life of a chef then Its a must watch.
Recommandé par Sally
Similar coming of age of the main character
Working/ college life clashes
Food-themed romances
Food competition
Recommandé par Silver_Sylphy
“Bite Me” and “Ingredients” are both food-oriented Thai bl series.

Ingredients is the romance between a chef (Tops) and a musician (Marvin) who share the same apartment; food was Tops’ method of showing affection and care.

Bite Me is the story of Aue, a chef, and Aek who has a talent of cooking; food plays an important role in their bonding.
Recommandé par chiha
Both “Bite Me” and “Until We Meet Again” are food oriented Thai bl series. Both the series provide insight on Thai cuisine; while UWMA leans more towards deserts, Bite Me shows us more traditional and modern dishes.

“Until We Meet Again” has a comparatively "heavier" plot with darker themes, but food is a strong connection which combines the threads and connects the past to the present in the story.

“Bite Me” has a relatively simpler plot but food plays an important role in bonding the main leads.
Recommandé par chiha
Here… both are having their cuisine… one isThai cuisine while the other one is Italian one… it’s very saliva-ing to watch… let’s not talk about the storyline but reall… I feel like watching a better version of cooking show
Recommandé par flower__kha
New worker introduced to a restaurant because of a special skill.
Similar theme of owner falls in love with employee.
Food porn
Recommandé par Silver_Sylphy
both are BL, both have a delivery driver/ boy in it and the main lead falls for that delivery driver
Recommandé par Melanie Sives
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