Both are written by the same author and are basically high school dramas with a lot of aww moments and sweet storyline. They both show the journey of the main leads from high school till marriage
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In this drama FL is also a transferred student
FL chase ML in both
Looks like both have wedding ending
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Both of them are similar in many ways. Youth, School life,Friendship, bonding and cute romance,these two dramas offer them all.
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- endings are not similar but other aspects like:
(i) school friendships
(ii) 2FL and 2ML relationship
(iii) one left out friend (fifth wheeler) like guan fang in 25 21
(iv) that one beach / picnic scene
(v) 2FL and FL are great friends
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They both are featuring Zhang Miaoyi and travel from a young age to marriage.... They are very sweet and the chemistry between leads is to die for. Loved them both <3
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- Quiet/cold male lead
- Energetic/bubbly female lead
- Friend group?
- School drama
- A third wheel
- Multiple couples
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Both dramas are all about youth, romance, comedy. The characters are students and both are set in school setting.
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Both of them take place in high school setting and eventually follows the story of the main leads' college lives.

The couple ends up getting married in the last episode in both dramas.

Although both dramas main focus is the love story of the main leads, they also center around a group of friends.
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Both dramas begins with the charcters in high school where they first met. Both drama depicts romance between youth, friendship and family relationships. Both dramas are super cute.
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Coming to Age
ML and FL together from school to college
Minimum conflicts
FL chases ML at the start
ML has issues in his family
ML FL are neighbours
Girl falls first, Boy falls harder trope
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•Fl and Ml met in school due to misunderstanding
• help in study
•like in WIFTY drama club in WMY they radio club
• start dating in college
• hea
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They are both school dramas that follow the leads into college and adulthood, even though Meeting You shows much more of the college life, unsurprisingly because it has 4 more episodes than When I Fly Towards You.

Other similarities:

- They both have cold/shy/closed off smart male leads and bubbly, sweet, extroverted female leads.
- Leads only have eyes for each other, but in Meeting You their love for one another is way, way more intense and obvious than in When I Fly Towards You.
- The second leads also like each other but their relationships don't happen until close to the end of the drama, although When I Fly Towards You is much better at handling the feelings of the second leads for one another, in Meeting You it drags a bit too long (it's balanced out with the loving relationship of the leads, though).
- There are small subplots about a third person chasing one of the leads, but they are mostly just used to show that the leads only like each other. In Meeting You, the girl chasing the male lead turns out to be an incredibly sweet person, however in When I Fly Towards You the girls chasing the male lead are very mean spirited.
- They both lack plots with misunderstandings that drag too long, and problems get resolved reasonably and quickly.
- They are both comforting and heartwarming in nature.
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A story about the youth of this millennium follows a group of students who encounter ups and downs in the marathon of life. Ma Tian who comes from a well-off family and his goody-two-shoes neighbor An Ran transferred to an ordinary high school during their senior year; where they meet different kinds of people — Lao Gou (‘Old Dog’), Da Lijiao, Mimi, Da Zui (‘Big Mouth’) and Song Jie.
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Both are youth-romance dramas, set in school (and out of school), set back in time (both within the 2000s), and both are centered around a close group of friends
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The drama tells the story of how an ordinary girl Xia Guo chooses when faced with two different choices, and what happens. The drama is presented in parallel time and space. The different choices of the heroine will lead to different endings.There are the challenges and dilemmas of the big city; but on the other hand, there is the stability and triviality of the small town. In life it is always necessary to make concessions, without fear of loss, and moving forward to embrace that sense of the "extraordinary." If life could have other versions, and the "if" could be experienced, what would it look like? The drama realizes this "if" so that the heroine experiences two lives in parallel. How she will handle those choices is the big question.

"I live elsewhere" (from original title in chinese).

Source: DramaWiki
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