Yumi's Cell Épisode 1

9.1/10 from 58 users
Sep 17, 2021
Yu Mi only has been focusing on work for the past three years, so her cells are having a peaceful yet slightly boring time at the Cell Town. Therefore, Yu Mi feels empty inside as… read more

Yumi's Cell Épisode 2

9.2/10 from 54 users
Sep 18, 2021
Finally, Yu Mi and U Gi plan to meet outside the office for the Flower Festival on the weekend. Love Cell gathers everyone at Cell Town to help Yu Mi with her first date with U Gi.… read more

Yumi's Cell Épisode 3

9.3/10 from 41 users
Sep 24, 2021
Yu Mi's blind date with Ku Woong has its ups and downs. Because she is not certain about him, her cells have trouble agreeing on things. Meanwhile, the day after the date, many incidents… read more

Yumi's Cell Épisode 4

9.5/10 from 40 users
Sep 25, 2021
After the horrible afternoon, Woong comes to the rescue. Although Yu Mi faints from a fever, Woong takes her to a hospital and this allows her to open up to him. Yu Mi's heart begins… read more

Yumi's Cell Épisode 5

9.3/10 from 33 users
Oct 01, 2021
Yu Mi visits Woong’s place and learns about the existence of his female friend Sae Yi. Although she is not too stressed about her, things get tense as they meet each other in person.… read more

Yumi's Cell Épisode 6

9.2/10 from 33 users
Oct 02, 2021
Woong and Yu Mi are going on a trip on the weekends. Yu Mi is excited yet nervous as it's been so long since she went on a trip after the Phuket trip two years ago. Yu Mi's cells discuss… read more

Yumi's Cell Épisode 7

9.3/10 from 22 users
Oct 08, 2021
Yu Mi's college friends are excited to meet Yu Mi's boyfriend at their friend's wedding. However, Woong is busy with the project he is working on, and he can't leave the office even… read more

Yumi's Cell Épisode 8

9.4/10 from 22 users
Oct 09, 2021
After hearing the rumor about Woong and Yu Mi getting married, Sae Yi loses it and becomes more straightforward by moving in to the building where Woong lives. Meanwhile, a guy named… read more

Yumi's Cell Épisode 9

9.4/10 from 23 users
Oct 15, 2021
Sae Yi gets aggressive in trying to take Woong away from Yu Mi. But now, Yu Mi has had enough of it. She confronts both Woong and Sae Yi regarding the issue. Although it ends up with… read more

Yumi's Cell Épisode 10

9.4/10 from 19 users
Oct 16, 2021
Yu Mi excels in almost everything, but being cute in front of her boyfriend is her one weak spot. Despite her efforts, cuteness doesn't come naturally to her. Seeking advice from Ruby,… read more

Yumi's Cell Épisode 11

9.4/10 from 25 users
Oct 22, 2021
Yu Mi finds out about Woong’s situation with his house and company. Yu Mi offers Woong to stay at her house. She makes a big decision to move to the Marketing Team. Yu Mi feels happy… read more

Yumi's Cell Épisode 12

9.3/10 from 20 users
Oct 23, 2021
Woong feels a mixture of emotions and pressure after Yu Mi’s question about marriage. Yu Mi accidentally finds out about Ba Bi’s relationship at the cafe. Ruby starts an unexpected… read more

Yumi's Cell Épisode 13

9.5/10 from 19 users
Oct 29, 2021
The days of Woong and Yu Mi living together are over. After Woong moves out, their relationship is not how it used to be. Although there are numerous cases that can affect their bond… read more

Yumi's Cell Épisode 14

9.2/10 from 27 users
Oct 30, 2021
Everyone has a card that they carry every day. Some tend to hide what it is and others just show it everywhere. Yu Mi and Woong agree on taking some time off to think again about their… read more

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