They both have the same main cast (i.e. Kim Go Eum and Choi Min Ho)....... Here and there they are both the main lead and the supporting lead ..... kinda like a reunion of them.....
Recommandé par G_ash_y
both our beloved summer and yumi's cells have the same easy breasy vibe. they're a less cliche approach to romance
it's not "sweet naive fl" meets "cold dark jerk ml". they're layered and they're slowly experimenting the world of love
Recommandé par XingBack
love cell is somewhat similar to yumi’s cells in how both the leads love cell has “died”. in yumi cells it happens to the fl and in love cells it happens to the ml
Recommandé par lilbean
They’re both totally different story but with same vibe, such as:

- both are romance
- both are office/ workplace story
- both are AI/ tech related story (Start-up, the whole story, but in Yumi’s cells, it’s in ML-side)
- both were the male first who had crush on the female lead (at first sight, then pursue her)
- both male are smart but don’t dress well (not fashionable) but when dressed well they became good looking
- both has strong female lead - tough… in workplace specifically
Recommandé par Kittycolz
This drama also has a character like Soo Min who interferes in the main couple's relationship. She also does aegyo, but she isn't really all that innocent.
Recommandé par ReplyDrama
Cute story about a robot who finds love and a fx creator who wants a break from her relationship

Recommandé par husnaaa0101
This is more of a comedy but it's very similar to yumi's cells. The characters go through different lessons /challenges in each episode and have a similar type of humor
Recommandé par Eclipsity
The story is light-hearted and the casts chemistry is superb. If you watch touch your heart, you will know the feeling. Yumi’s Cells is more about her life and her cells. This is so better than any recent rom-com dramas, i'm not kidding. If you don't like it then it’s your loss because you can also get lessons from it which usually happened irl. Same with Touch Your Heart you will also moved with this drama.
Recommandé par Movie YACHA
Both of them have some brain cells talking to them and both of them have some funny moments and romance:)
Recommandé par lily
Exploring adulthood, maturity, dealing with emotions, actions and life in general.

Recommandé par dyh
Both feel like a cute modern life romances
They're not the typical jerk meets airhead. Both are sweet, civil, and normal people who meet and have mutual interest in each other
Recommandé par XingBack
they both office romances. technically her private life is more office romancy, cos they the same office. but this is 2 offices. the couple characters are no where even near the same. but still they both cute light, not heavy, normal day to day life to life romances. easy going, fun, cute, and screaming-over-the-romance dramas. not to mention, both of them are funny as hell

Recommandé par Pinepurple
Both main characters have been hurt in the past to the point they are focusing only on their work, till there is a situation where they are "forced" to meet new people.
Recommandé par shrimp
It's a continuation.

1. Same drama
2. Same characters
3. Same goodness =)
4. Same Yumi's cells (we miss you fashion, lust, reason, and cleaning cells).
Recommandé par TalkingWithYou
both have 2 seasons and each season had different male lead
both can make the audience believe that the first ml is the ending for the fl which is not
Recommandé par HoteldelLuna
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