idk why when I started to watch Perfect and Casual, this is remind me of Because This is My First Life, for it's vibes and feelings.
ofc they are have similiarities, like:
+ Contractual Marriage, even tho the reason why they are married totally different
+ the ML is kinda of genius, quirky, and a cutie
+ the FL has their struggles with their (future) jobs, as Perfect and Casual's FL is still in college, but we'll see later
Recommandé par Rara
I recommend this both drama because , Male lead and Female lead
try to solve problem
In one drama explosion and another student murder/suicide
Recommandé par A VigneshKumar
ML is a handsome and hot professor with FL is a university student. And they live together
Recommandé par filiaang
• Tsundere, rich, and genius male lead who seems like he never loves any one else before he met FL
• Caring & sweet FL
• They were put together because of family member.
• Both drama have contract marriage tag (They married first then love later)
• No misunderstanding, only sweet moments
• Both have 2nd CP (I think)
Recommandé par Sleepy Bee
Not only do they have basically the same vibe, they both share alot of similarities:
+ Both MLs are geniuses (Maths in Perfect and Casual, Science in Put Your Head On My Shoulder)
+ Both MLS are sort of cold to start with - but are extremely caring and protective, jealous of a SML at the beginning and do their best to make the FL stay
+ Contracts: In Perfect and Casual it's a marriage contract - in Put Your Head On My Shoulder there is a contract for the FL to keep living there by her mom
+ A lot of fluff
+ Both have hardworking FLs where the ML sometimes helps out in cute and supportive ways with their knowledge
Funny note, both FLs like snail noodles which the MLs hate lol
Recommandé par Delyrios

contract marriage ( feelings developed after marriage in perfect and casual )
In love in time the guy had feelings for the FL before contract .
2 .In perfect and casual the contract was because of ml grandpa
And in love in time the contract was because of FL dad
Recommandé par Eeshall
+ Diabetes-worthy sugar level
+ Contract marriage
+ Cute chemistry
+ Addictive OSTs
+ Great aesthetics

Both of these shows just seem to tick all the rom-com boxes for me. They're not necessarily the best shows in town but definitely the best mood boosters when you're in dire need of one!
Recommandé par BingerWatcher
They have a similar vibe. Mostly sweet and low on angst. Perfect cold man and sweet and naïve female lead.
Recommandé par jillmg
The female leads are both reaching the end of their college life but a turn of events lead the both of them to the male lead. The male lead is obviously a stunning handsome man with money and everything thought out. Both male leads are cold at first glance but are actually very thoughtful men.
Recommandé par kreaps
Young girl who has a financial problems due to her relatives enters a contract marriage with a young rich guy whose only parenting figure is his quite sick grandpa (which madly adores the girl.. and for whose sake and operation to be is the marriage contract for).
Recommandé par Loving_Roots
They are both are similar as ML and FL relationship starts with fake/contract marriage and then turns into love. Also, ex-girlfriend comes back to sabotage their relationship.
Perfect and Casual is better as tits plot was better than Cute Programmer, but that's my opinion.
Recommandé par flora789
These dramas feel similar because of the male lead in both:
Both MLs are professors but not just professors... they both have an aloof demeanour but are logical and unsure of how to handle love, but at the same time they are pragmatic in their approach. I am not finished Be With You but it looks like it will follow a similar evolution of love and commitment.
Recommandé par vvn2154
They both:
~Xiang Han Zhi acted in both of them
~are rom-coms
~Stories are fluffy and cute
~Few scenes are quite cliche
Recommandé par Yun
The leads end up living together because they rented the same house but one person has more power than the other and could kick them out. There is a big age difference but not too big. Both pretend to be together(In My Boss is for only two episodes). Law is involved in both. And it is the usual "cold" ML with Happy FL who is struggling.
Recommandé par I AM SHOOKETH
The thing which are similar:
Age gap
Student teacher relationship
Marriage because of elders
Living together ofcourse bcos of their marriage
(But falling in love anyway:D)
Recommandé par Dramaaddict
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