Both are xianxia dramas aried in 2021. There are a lot of immortal characters, gods and different lifetimes of the leads.
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In both dramas Male Leads's are dragons who travel to mortal world and fell in love with Female Leads's
These both have lot of similarity's and don't want to spoil the fun just watch them
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Miss the Dragon's plot is somewhat similar to the mortal trial part of Eternal Love. Both are xianxia romances with immorals, reincarnations and life trials.
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Both are fantasies about a love story between a dragon (FL vs. ML) and a human.
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Nothing similar, actually. Unchained Love can actually be used as a refresher if you are tired of this damsel in distress trope which is annoyingly used in MTD lol ?
Here, our male lead has a more layered character while the female lead acts dumb and naive but is actually really smart!
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It is also about a human and a demon falling in love. There are some similarities like when the demon spirit is affecting the human.
Yuan Zhong is a fox high priest. He is an immortal who possesses the divine hand. With it, he defeated the ghost clan and brought an era of prosperity. Jin Tan Yin is an artisan goddess who makes magical artifacts. She descended to earth to kill Yuan Zhong and get back the divine hand of the god Tang Hua. Yuan Zhong is harassed by his own fox clan and Jin Tan Yin decides to help and protect him. The two of them will have to face personal enemies, and a secret will be discovered. Yuan Zhong rescues Jin Tan Yin from a trap. Reunited again, the pair of lovers join forces to defeat their enemies and restore order in the world.

Source: (Baidu /TvMao)
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- ML/one of them has white hair and is very powerful,
- both are xianxia dramas,
- Deng Wei is in both of them,
- ML/all of them protect FL and want her to be happy
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-both are the same genre romance dramas
- they are both xianxia dramas
-both are set in the fantasy world

-both have dragon characters, in "miss the dragon" the ML is a dragon while in "no boundary" the support role(Wen Gu Wei Yu) is a dragon.
-miss the dragon has high budget CGI compared to no boundary but both CGI are decent
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Both go through reincarnation and have the ML watching the FL. Both MLs have magic and are immortals that fall in love with a mortal. Both FLs change people as they are reborn and the MLs always help the FLs.
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Both are xianxia dramas, with the leads went through the life trials together, in Miss the Dragon (4 lives), in LAR (10 lives). It contains a lot of immortal characters in both dramas.
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Both are same genre, fantasy romance xianxia dramas.
- mortal/immortal life of the leads
- reincarnations
- life tribulations, suffering, pain
- beautiful romance
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Both dramas are Chinese fantasy romance dramas with
- white haired male leads
- xianxia romance
- immortals
- beautiful romance
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Both are fantasy/historical dramas that portray a love story between a dragon ML and a human FL. Due to fate, the FL reincarnates over and over, with the ML finding her in each reincarnation, waiting until a life when they can finally be together. Meanwhile, a friend or family member of the ML is trying to destroy the FL to get something he wants.
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These are xianxia fantasy romance dramas. So, both have realms, immortals and reincarnations. In Love and Destiny, ML is God of War. In Miss the Dragon, ML is Dragon King.
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