Firstly, the leading male role is played my Nam Joo-hyuk.
And both the series make us wonder about our dreams.
Recommandé par ash
- both have the main idea of starting a new company.
- both have first love plot
- both love triangle
Recommandé par misu
The thing that ties these two shows together is the love triangle aspect. In both shows, you have the ML and FL establish a deep bond when they were children, but they get separated.

Once they grow up, one of the leads (FL in SU and ML in SWP) tries to find their childhood love and reconnect. However, instead of meeting them honestly, the other main lead (ML in SU and FL in SWP) asks someone else (2ML in SU and 2FL in SWP) to "pretend to be them" and meet with the now successful lead (FL in SU and ML in SWP).

However, unintendedly, the second lead ends up developing feelings for the main lead, extending the lie while giving room for the main leads to fall in love with each other.
Recommandé par 3GGG
Both - About business, strong female lead, romance, girl power, amazing leads

They both are similar bc they take down the bad guys they about are rly good.
Recommandé par Baekhyun9
Start-Up (Korean) was the original source material which brought the audience knowledge on starting up a business and pursuing your dreams. It was a very good inspiring Korean drama.
Recommandé par IM YourOnlyOne
Not exactly the same but have similar themes. Rich man, poor woman har a more light hearted tone whereas Start-up is more serious and is not as fluffy.
Similar themes:
- love triangle
- start-up
Recommandé par Ajummasaretheworst
Fast forward to 2020, Suzy has matured as an actress but can still give you fun, quirky romantic lead in an updated story for a new generation of kdramas and kdrama production. Like Dream High, there is competition, friendship, romance, and laughs. You won’t be disappointed!
Recommandé par leandruhh
Izumi Hidaka is 36-years-old and the CEO of start-up game company Pegasus Ink. Four years ago, she developed the game Love My Pegasus, which was targeted towards women and became very popular. Since then, she has been obsessed with the character Kento-sama from Love My Pegasus. One evening, Wataru Igarashi suddenly appears in front of drunken Izumi Hidaka. She is shocked by Wataru Igarashi’s appearance, which is just like her game character Kento-sama. Wataru Igarashi is a 23-years-old man. But, Izumi Hidaka is disappointed with Wataru Igarashi. Except for his physical appearance, Wataru Igarashi is the opposite of her well-mannered, cultured, and vivacious game character Kento-sama.
Recommandé par 73n5h1k015h173
Both dramas revolve around the IT industry and developing new technology/applications. They both focus on self-driving car technology. There is no sci-fi element in Start Up but overall vibe is similar.
Recommandé par Jeoseung Saja
Not similar in plot line at all, the only reason I think one might like this as well is:
-same writer for both shows
-well-written second male lead characters
-If you like Suzy, she is a lead in both
-Beautiful cinematography
Recommandé par TC1111
The main subject of both dramas is the same. An Unicorn is a term that a privately held STARTUP company. Maybe that stories of both kdramas are not similar the subject is the same people who creates little business and they want to achieve a dream. They main goal is to success with their companies. (Psdt: I’m going to improve my comment)
Recommandé par AndyHana99
both are set in similar setting, a start up company trying to establish their own brand. way back into love shows the struggles of trying to make it in a saturated IT market.
Recommandé par Bored Kitty
I just recently watched 100 Days my Prince and even tho there isn't many similarities plotwise, Kim Seonho is in both dramas. In 100 Days his character is lowkey the Joseon version of Jipyeong, being the aspiring person who is a respected figure, wants to help people and get to higher places, because he deserves a lot more than life prepared for him. I think it would be interesting for people to see Seonho in a different role, but getting how his potential to be a great Jipyeong was already clear since his past works.
Recommandé par Rejane
-Korean Dramas
-both are in a work environment
-both have two couples
-both are hiding something
-both have heartbreak
Recommandé par Mittyneko
They’re both totally different story but with same vibe, such as:

- both are romance
- both are office/ workplace story
- both are AI/ tech related story (Start-up, the whole story, but in Yumi’s cells, it’s in ML-side)
- both were the male first who had crush on the female lead (at first sight, then pursue her)
- both male are smart but don’t dress well (not fashionable) but when dressed well they became good looking
- both has strong female lead - tough… in workplace specifically
Recommandé par Kittycolz
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