both seem to be about the same thing, how to prepare for reaching 30. and both are slice of life genres
Recommandé par XingBack
- successful women
- romance of women in thirty
- cute romance
- no extra plots
- slice of life..
Do watch it if u liked ' How to be thirty' !
Recommandé par Moon
They both have the same concept of woman who a don’t believe in love. Both are stories in their 30s and they have the same vibes. Just a nice, and normal story. Ah both also have the childhood friends lmao lol.
Recommandé par Carpediem
Entrambe le protagoniste si ritrovano a lavorare con i loro primi amore ed entrambi i loro lavori hanno a che fare con l'arte.
Recommandé par alis89
Similar to each other in showing love stories of the female lead and her girlfriends. Both female leads work on webtoons.
Recommandé par Edgar Pordwed
About three friends and their (romance) lives.
I Need Romance more adult compared to How to be Thirty but both enjoyable comedies.
Recommandé par Rijouku
Born in 1985 (2021) poster



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