Instead of being literally frozen, there is a bus accident and the female lead wakes up from a coma after thirteen years and the male lead is emotionally stuck at that time, unable to get over the shock of what has happened. They meet and help each other get over the trauma, falling in love in the process.
Warning: Unexpectedly sweet and charming. There is a strong chance you will get emotionally invested in the characters despite the strange beginning.
Recommandé par Ange
The main lead doesn't freeze but he time travels 30 years into the future and is stuck there. They both give the same vibe too.
Recommandé par Awkward__Silence
They are honestly quite different, MMS doesn't have any major crimes in it, but MPS revolves around a crime
But the lead couple in both the dramas give off similar vibes.
Both dramas are quite gentle paced and yet thrilling at the same time.
They both, in different ways, somehow manipulate time and in some sense travel through it
They're both Sci-Fi
Anyway, they're quite different but the lead couple and the whole drama give off similar vibes, sweet and cute couple but also a thrilling story
Recommandé par Enchanting Leviosa
Similar boss/employee relationship with a similar vibrant female lead. And a light-hearted romance.............
Recommandé par Peephole
These dramas in my opinion had a similar vibe to them
* Bubbly ,vibrant and headstrong female lead
* Protective and lovable male lead
* Comical supporting characters
* In both the main leads are destined to be together
* supporting parents or parent
And overall if you enjoyed Melting me softly i'm pretty sure you'll like While you were sleeping :)
Recommandé par Hema Dave
In both dramas, female leads are actresses and remain frozen for 20+ years and start a new life pursuing new romantic interests except in Ice girl has a questionable romantic interest
Recommandé par Drama Empress
I recommend this both drama because , Male lead and Female lead
try to solve problem
In one drama explosion and another student murder/suicide
Recommandé par PlutoBlack
a female lead who was employed to be in a new variety program with the male lead, filming a project called "freezing human for 24 hrs". After waking up they realized that 20 years have passed by, while they were frozen. Then the story continues when the two relied on each other and fall in love. It was all because of the program that brought the two together
Recommandé par HelloThere
Both have similar themes of accidentally Freezing for decades and waking up to find that years have flown by and everyone they knew became much older.....
Recommandé par Mister
Both have people in the past who were frozen and then wake up in the present. And of course, that frozen time comes with side-effects...
Recommandé par ObsidianAviary
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