Oxygen Épisode 1

8.6/10 from 62 users
Sep 12, 2020
Solo visits the coffee shop where Gui works late at night. When Solo order a coffee, Gui instead offers him a cup of warm milk to help him sleep. Solo begins to depend on Gui making… read more

Oxygen Épisode 2

8.5/10 from 39 users
Sep 19, 2020
Gui makes plans to attend Solo's freshy competition but complications with the florist send the pair rushing to save the event. Kao works to ensure that Phuri will see him sing at… read more

Oxygen Épisode 3

8.4/10 from 30 users
Sep 26, 2020
Gui helps Solo navigate the commitments of being the new campus representative. Kao helps nurse Phu back to health after he falls ill with a fever. (Source: TVMAZE)

Oxygen Épisode 4

8.4/10 from 28 users
Oct 03, 2020
Solo notices a stranger is following him and Gui, taking their photos. Kao continues to find excuses to spend time with Phu. Kim gets the results back from her stay at the hospital.… read more

Oxygen Épisode 5

8.5/10 from 32 users
Oct 10, 2020
Kay continues to pursue Gui despite Gui's insistence for it to stop. Tensions come to a head during the school service trip to the beach. (Source: TVMAZE)

Oxygen Épisode 6

8.3/10 from 28 users
Oct 17, 2020
Following their trip, Solo invites Gui to move into his apartment. Phu comes to Kao's rescue after he is assaulted by a group of thugs. (Source: TVMAZE)

Oxygen Épisode 7

8.7/10 from 29 users
Oct 24, 2020
Kao celebrates his birthday with friends and Phuri. Solo gives Jay a chance to explain why he disappeared years ago. Dr. Petch takes Khem on "dates" in order to secure photos to please… read more

Oxygen Épisode 8

8.3/10 from 23 users
Oct 31, 2020
Gui makes a trip to meet with Mae Yai after learning of her failing health. (Source: TVMAZE)

Oxygen Épisode 9

8.2/10 from 17 users
Nov 07, 2020
Solo, Gui, and Kao return to the farm where they are asked to step-in temporarily as teachers. Phuri and Kao take a hike to the waterfall together, but get lost, putting Phuri's daily… read more

Oxygen Épisode 10

8.1/10 from 19 users
Nov 14, 2020
Solo and Gui continue to help on the farm while trying to help Moon cope with the death of Mae Yai. Despite having a fever, Khem insists on continuing the trip to the waterfall with… read more

Oxygen Épisode 11

7.9/10 from 20 users
Nov 21, 2020
Solo's father arrives to speak privately with Gui. Khem is devastates to learn that Dr. Petch has used him only to get closer to Khim. Phu and Kao prepare for a long distance separation.… read more

Oxygen Épisode 12

8.1/10 from 18 users
Nov 28, 2020
While Linda makes life harder for Gui at his internship, Solo's father resorts to more extreme measure to control Solo. Kao says goodbye to Phu as he leaves for England. (Source: TVMAZE) read more

Oxygen Épisode 13

7.8/10 from 21 users
Dec 05, 2020
Gui's important presentation day has arrived that will determine if he will pass his internship. Solo tries to reconcile with his father. Kao misses Phu dearly, but receives a surprise… read more
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