-they both have hot kisses, the cutesy feel and heart-pounding, fluttery moments.
-have the same director and some similar cast members
-if you disliked the last 3 episodes of My Secret Romance, Something about 1% will make up for it because it stays enjoyable until the end.
-rich guy poor girl theme and one parent forbidding their relationship
Recommandé par bishh
-They are both office romance.
-They both revolve around secret relationship.
-Male lead is CEO while female lead is a simple employee.
Recommandé par Kes
My Secret Romance is similar to Tawan Tor Saeng :
-Rich and lonely rich male lead
-Cute female lead
-Boss / employee relationship
-ML loneliness heal by the ML frienship
-ML falls in love with FL
-ML missing mother / separated from childhood
Recommandé par Paola Lee
Both smart mls
female leads dont admit love till later in show
one is out of college
ml tries to fawn for fls love
Recommandé par ThatOneYoonMinStan
Bad Romeo is similar to My Secret Romance :
-One night love at first meeting
-Love scene in car luxury car
-ML and FL separation for years
Recommandé par Paola Lee
Well, the stories are completely different. But they have the same director, and there's a similar feel here and there. Though SIMAAF seems much better (it's still airing as I'm writing this XD). If you just want a lighthearted rom-com, give MSR a try. Personally, I liked it very much.
Recommandé par buzz
- FL's job is connected to food
- ML is FL' boss
- ML makes FL cook for him
- rich ML - poor FL
- cute FL
Recommandé par Linh Le

These two dramas have one thing in common. The girls fall in love with their boss.

But this recommendation is not because of similarity in the plot, it’s about the feel.

Both of these dramas are lovey-dovey, so cotton candy bubblegum sweet.

After watching Introverted Boss, i was looking for another drama with the same feel. I didn’t want a drama with a same plot. I wanted a drama that is not heavy, i wanted the exact opposite of heavy. I looked for a sweet romance drama and here it is!

If you liked Introverted Boss, you should totally check this one out!
Recommandé par WangYibosLily
The story plot is very similar. Rich/famous ML falling in love with a cute but ordinary FL. There is also a jealousML's ex that wants to get back together in both dramas.
Recommandé par Lanamin
In My Secret Romance, similar to LSITC, follows a couple that once had a short-lived steamy and passionate relationship. They meet again and can't help but fall in love for the second time.
Recommandé par nicolealyssax
they have the same male lead and a similar type of comedy, both female leads are very likeable and the dramas are entertaining and fun to watch
Recommandé par shiisoen
Just like in Coffee & Vanilla, in My Secret Romance the male lead is a handsome, rich guy, owner of an agency, while the female lead is a normal, innocent girl. The two will spend a night together but they won't meet each other for years, until.....
It's a good choice if you liked Coffe & Vanilla, because of the similarities in the characters, also the story is pretty cute.
Recommandé par Chicken-nim
The beginning is very similar. But my secret romance is wayyyyy more romantic which is good. The first ep will give you chills, and the OST is EVERYTHING
Recommandé par labuku
Office Romance
Rich Male Lead
Boss/CEO-Employee relationship
Cold Male Lead
Sweet Female Lead
RomCom Vibe
Recommandé par VinnyR
The ML and FL only meet for a day where there romance develops really quickly. After that they are separated until they meet again by chance which causes their romance to re-bloom.
Recommandé par AmynaA
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