My Secret Romance Épisode 1

8.6/10 from 42 users
Apr 17, 2017
Cha Jin Wook is a spoiled rich kid forced to humble himself by taking on a summer job at his father's hotel. Lee Yoo Mi is a klutz who can't convince her mom she's fine without a boyfriend.… read more

My Secret Romance Épisode 2

8.8/10 from 30 users
Apr 18, 2017
When Yoo Mi gets hired on as a nutritionist at a large company, she is surprised to find out who is running it.

My Secret Romance Épisode 3

8.7/10 from 31 users
Apr 24, 2017
Yoo Mi copes with her new boss Cha Jin Wook's antics. Cha Jin Wook's ego is tested as Yoo Mi tries to keep the personal and the professional separate.

My Secret Romance Épisode 4

8.3/10 from 35 users
Apr 25, 2017
Yoo Mi learns more about Cha Jin Wook's food preferences and stumbles upon a precious item in his home.

My Secret Romance Épisode 5

8.4/10 from 29 users
May 01, 2017
When misunderstandings drive a wedge both in and out of the office, Jin Wook realizes that he isn't the only one after Yoo Mi's affections.

My Secret Romance Épisode 6

8.7/10 from 26 users
May 02, 2017
Keeping work checked at the door won't be easy when Jin Wook and Yoo Mi strike a deal that stirs underlying emotions.

My Secret Romance Épisode 7

8.4/10 from 24 users
May 08, 2017
Engaging in a bit of off site research may turn out to be useful for Yoo Mi's job and her relationships.

My Secret Romance Épisode 8

9.1/10 from 21 users
May 15, 2017
Jin Wook and Yoo Mi take a stroll down memory lane wherein they learn more about each other's deepest secrets. (Source: thetvdb)

My Secret Romance Épisode 9

9.0/10 from 18 users
May 16, 2017
Jin Wook begins to question how Dong Goo fits into Yoo Mi's life. In order to find out, he'll need to work backwards and put the puzzle pieces back together. (Source: thetvdb)

My Secret Romance Épisode 10

7.4/10 from 13 users
May 22, 2017
Just when romance starts to bloom, the rumor mill churns out news that puts Jin Wook and Yoo Mi's relationship in jeopardy. (Source: thetvdb)

My Secret Romance Épisode 11

6.6/10 from 14 users
May 23, 2017
Hidden feelings come to light while Jin Wook and Yoo Mi deal with the fallout of their separation. But will they be able to keep that distance between them for long? (Source: thetvdb) read more

My Secret Romance Épisode 12

6.9/10 from 13 users
May 29, 2017
Getting away from it all sounds like a good idea to Yoo Mi, though she'll soon find that physical distance won't be enough to deal with underlying resentment. (Source: thetvdb)

My Secret Romance Épisode 13

8.2/10 from 17 users
May 30, 2017
Yoo Mi is faced with the difficult choice of running away from her past or following her heart. (Source: thetvdb)
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