Prequels & Sequels of each other!
There are 2 volumes in the "Three Lives, Three Worlds" series!
"Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms" & "The Pillow Book"!
The second book focuses on Fengjiu & Donghua!
Same actors/actresses!
Recommandé par Kaihua
Both dramas:
- are set in the realm of deities;
- have an unforgettable love;
- have an heart-wrenching love story;
- secondary characters that made the main leads have misunderstandings;
- heavy fantasy with many creatures from Chinese mythology;
- beautiful scenaries;
- good CGI (Heavy Sweetness, Ask-like Frost one seems better).
Recommandé par kayea
-" Leaves you wanting to punch your tv/computer/laptop/cellphone/tablet screen everytime the Villain(s) show up
-" has Thought Provoking, Amazing and Unique Plot that always increases the attention of the viewers
-" Best Casts Period. ALP also gives us a very Phenomenal Acting from All Casts
especially from both Leads!
-" has a Female Lead and Male Lead that has an Out of this world Fearlessness, Beauty, Elegance, Power, Boldness, Stubbornness and Love for each other.
-Both has Three Exquisite Arcs with their own Bewildering Conflicts
-" has Beautiful, Heartbreaking, and Sacrificial Love from both Leads
but IMO the Male Lead in ALP may make you cry more, like what happened to me and the other fellow lovers of "Ancient Love Poetry" !

Here is a very good critique comment that will persuade you even more to watch!
from Erednust :
The ending is perfect. 11/10

The xianxia trend took off thanks to Eternal Love that virtually did almost everything right as it redefined the genre and established a set of standards to follow or challenge to create great works. Eventually, Ashes of Love came along and more or less could be said to have rivaled EL. ELoD set out to surpass EL and some people think that it did. Both L&R and L&D took a rather non-traditional but still interesting enough approach to the xianxia genre, albeit I think they fell short a couple of steps to EL/AoL. we have Ancient Love Poetry, a god-sent work which, I believe, has raised the set of standards to a new, higher level, making it the best xianxia to date. I hope this competitive trend continues for a long time. Just imagining a new xianxia drama that could be on par or even surpasses APL makes me feeling enthralled.
Recommandé par ennea
Ambas series se desarrollan en el mismo "mundo", pero en tiempos diferentes, tienen los mismos escenarios (muy presente el bosque de flores de duraznos), dioses, pruebas, ...
En ambas series la protagonista femenina en su juventud era inocente y poco a poco se va volviendo más fuerte en todos los sentidos. El protagonista masculino ama incondicionalmente a la protagonista. Ambas series son muy recomendables, y con un elenco de actores muy bueno.
Recommandé par Gumi Bai
I recommend this both drama because , Male lead and Female lead
try to solve problem
In one drama explosion and another student murder/suicide
Recommandé par pewirinkle
I recommend this both drama because , Male lead and Female lead
try to solve problem
In one drama explosion and another student murder/suicide
Recommandé par tintin92
Setting: historical and fantasy
Both leads love each other very much( would die for their lovers)
Interesting side characters
Female antagonist keeps trying to steal the male lead(same actress)
Recommandé par Pinocchio
The couples are brought together by both fate and a political marriage. Our princes struggle to balance their treacherous positions with the love of their lives. They mask their true love, thinking that they're protecting their significant other, but unintentionally wind up hurting her. Deeply scarred by this love, our female leads turn to the powers of the River of Oblivion to put the past behind them. The stories pick up again some time after a heart-wrenching romance already began and follow them through as fate brings them back together in a world that threatens to pull them apart.

The romance that centers these dramas have some similarities, but the stories themselves are very different! The cast, production and soundtrack are all stunning. Both dramas are worth watching!
Recommandé par liteulkwin
Both xianxia dramas where protagonists have 3 lives, they grow up and after a very long time they understand each other.
Recommandé par dhaliahn
The leader of the Shao Yang clan hosts a magic and martial arts tournament for young apprentices. His daughter Chu Xuan Ji, who has been deprived of the use of her senses, has been entered in the competition – even though her skills are far from advanced. Also taking part in the competition is the Lize Palace’s star student Yu Si Feng.
Students are forbidden from embarking on romantic relationships with one another. But when the two meet, they first become firm friends…and then start to develop much deeper feelings for one another. After a dispute between other students, Chu Xuan Ji is injured and the two young students become separated. To make matters worse, Yu Si Feng is cursed with a spell that forces him to wear a mask that will only fall away if he can find true love.
But four years later, their paths cross again – and the duo slowly begins to learn that their pasts (as well as their futures) may well be intertwined, with heavenly forces very interested in their fate.
(Source: Viki)

~~ Adapted from the novel "The Glass Maiden" written by author Shi Si Lang.
Recommandé par SakuraBloom09
Same story from same novel. One is a 58 episodes drama and one is a movie. Both drama and movie have amazing cast
Recommandé par Melisa
While waiting for new episodes of Legend of Shen Li to come back, I ended up craving a rewatch of Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms. Both are unique, don't get me wrong, but if you like one you might like the other.

Physically and magically powerful FLs who have a strong resolve. Although TMOPB's FL doesnt start off mature, both FLs end up having mature attitudes about life and romance. Both women also are or become important military people.

Both also have somewhat of a reverse harem. And both also have lovesick MLs alongside a lovesick SL. Both also have characters that, despite their affection, have to hold back their feelings for the sake of world peace or whatever.

Idk probably more i just recommend you watch them both. Its the vibes, the vibes.
Recommandé par fiflydramalover
Same actress, great fight scenes. Male lead is dominant and is always there to rescue the female lead. Both has the female leads with prior relationships that gone wrong before finally getting with the male lead.
Recommandé par TaterTot
-Dilraba is stars as a Nine-tailed fox in both
-Both are heart-wrenching xianxias
-Female protagonists are Nine-tailed Foxes in both
-Female leads with unconditional love, always sacrificing for & protecting their lovers
-Strong female protagonists that go through hell to sacrifice for/protect their lovers
-Misunderstandings created by decisions taken by leads to protect the other
Recommandé par Titania
The leads are really similar. They go through so many hardships to find their genuine love
There are gods and battles, reincarnations, evils, fairies, magic, everything you desire for!
Each clan has their stories depicted quite interestingly.
The romance is just marvelous in both( You will love them from the beginning :)
Both dramas show Amnesia as a major substory
There are different stages included: From immortals and gods, to demons, and mortal world. Even the mortal hardships and punishments give off the same vibes.
Recommandé par tintin92
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