Male leads of both the shows are rich and seem to be short on time. Both leads have destroyed the female leads' lives. Both the dramas are melodramatic.
Recommandé par palak
The same dying in three months trope.
The one who is dying has family issues
The one who is dying is rich and the other is poor
Recommandé par Bae Suzys Table Fan
Both main leads have serious health issues and the doctor have already predicted for both leads that the are going to pass away in a given time.
Recommandé par barbiedreams
- characters who are famous in the story
- characters were in love with each other when they were younger
- sad romance
Recommandé par misu
Same feeling.
Sick character finds love.
Tragedy that will tear your heart apart.
Really really emotional acting.
You will cry your eyes out.
Recommandé par kasumii
Both drama focus on a sick character who reunites with their past lover.
You will definitely cry watching both.
Recommandé par kasumii
Both dramas are tear jerkers. They are quality productions with good casts, but all is not bright and cheery.
Recommandé par got2be
Story regarding Herb:

This happened to an employee and a customer at a herb cuisine restaurant. Through each and everyone's interaction and help within "Lover of Herb", it brings out one touching love story after another.

Story regarding Lover:

Yang Ke Fan grew up in a herb farm on top of a hill. After he takes over the restaurant that his father started, he invited his younger sister, Yang Er Shan, who grew up on the hill together with him, to come and work in the kitchen. From then on, the restaurant changed its name to "Lover of Herb". It is also uncovered that Ke Fan and Er Shan are not blood related siblings.

Bartender, Yang Shou Zhi, is a witty, humorous and romantic guy from Hong Kong. He fell in love with the simple and goodhearted Er Shan at first sight and started to pursue her with much enthusiasm. He is a totally different guy then the reserved and sophisticated Ke Fan. Er Shan, who comes from the hillside to the city and has still not gotten used to the busy and crowded environment, gets caught up in this complicated relationship with the two guys.
Recommandé par 73n5h1k015h173
Raw love. Hot leads. Both give me a similar not exact tone. Both leads go nonstop for their love. Amazing.
Recommandé par Yixings Pet
The both dramas deal with the realities of life such as death and trauma after an fatal accident. The main characters try to overcome the pains and family problems coming from their past. Throughout these two dramas flashbacks are shown about the past experiences of the main characters. The are both great in that they show that life goes on even after an traumatic or painful event and shows how people try to be happy after such events.
Recommandé par Jbjbts
Histórias semelhantes especialmente a luta por um amor impedido pelo destino...Finais melodramáticos dignos dos melhores melodramas.
Recommandé par Haru Haru
Both male lead has hard time bcs dying. both this drama are sad and need bunch tissue especially for the ending drama. TT
Recommandé par KyungsooFans
They are both from the same screenwriter (Lee Kyung Hee), maybe that's why you can see some similarities. They are both melodramas.
Recommandé par DianaCarvalho
So similar when it comes to the health conditions of the leads. But in Millionaire's, the female lead is the one who's sick and they both hid it from their lovers at first eventually leading to the sad part .
Recommandé par mickey
- female lead has serious health issues (the name); male lead has serious health issues (uncontrollably fond)
- female lead is a famous artist (the name); male lead is a famous actor (uncontrollably fond)
- leads fell in love during school years + college (uncontrollably fond); leads fell in love during teen years/school years
- leads have a hard time living as they don't want to leave their loved ones
- love is all about timing
- slow paced romance between the leads
Recommandé par sominsfilm
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