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La vie est faite ainsi. Parfois, vous éprouvez de la gratitude et de la joie d'être en vie, et puis vous perdez votre raison de vivre au fur et à mesure que vous perdez des choses ou des personnes qui vous sont chères. Face aux épreuves dressées devant vous, vous commencez à vous demander si votre vie, au fond, se résume à emprunter le chemin du malheur. Cependant, alors que vous arpentez ce chemin seul(e), arrive le moment où vous avez désespérément besoin d'un coup de main. Cette main peut vous sortir de votre propre malheur et vous faire retrouver le désir de vivre malgré les épreuves de la vie. Ce drame montre le moment exact où deux mains se tendent l'une vers l'autre et se rejoignent à l'unisson pour garder chacune bien au chaud. Le message de « Prends-moi dans tes bras », c'est que, bien qu'il n'y ait pas forcément de miracles dans la vie, il y a toujours ce petit espoir d'aller mieux. (La source : Viki) Modifier la traduction

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  • Pays: South Korea
  • Catégorie: Drama
  • Épisodes: 32
  • Diffusé: mai 16, 2018 - juil. 19, 2018
  • Diffusé Sur: Mercredi, Jeudi
  • Station de diffusion initiale: MBC
  • Durée: 35 min.
  • Score: 8.3 (scored by 20,345 utilisateurs)
  • Classé: #999
  • Popularité: #193
  • Classification du contenu: 15+ - Teens 15 or older

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juil. 19, 2018
32 épisodes vus sur 32
Complété 12
Globalement 10
Histoire 10
Acting/Cast 10
Musique 10
Degrés de Re-visionnage 10
PLOT: Masterful
This series is among the best of the best. It is one of those rare shows where every episode matters. The plot was never left hanging in order to extend the series. Instead, every single scene was developed in service of the narrative.

The transitions from tension-filled scenes to sweeter ones was flawless. It made watching the series easy and enjoyable. The narrative was also organic, with nothing feeling forced or out of place.

Overall, prepare yourself. This drama will demand your complete attention, push you to the edge of your seat, steal your breath away and have you rooting for more than just the main leads.

The main leads were remarkably three dimensional. They were given as many strengths as weaknesses and every single one made sense. The development of the characters was consistent and coherent. Every action had a lasting consequence, and every instinctive reaction demanded a hefty price.

Yoon Na Moo (male lead, aka Chae Do Jin): His complex character was handled masterfully. He was presented as a sympathetic and strong figure, but realistically so. The best way I could describe him is with the saying, "courage is not the absence of fear, but the ability to act in spite of it." Throughout the short series, this character struggled with his inner fears but accepted his vulnerabilities rather than hide them. He was strong precisely because he was afraid... but he didn't let that fear rule him.

Gil Nak Won (female lead, aka Han Jae Yi): Despite her tragic backstory, she was well written and very well portrayed. She's strong, not because she got over her past, but because she's able to face her present while accepting what happened. Her strength is quiet and subtle; allowing her actions to show her defiance rather than voice them loudly. She's also very nurturing towards Na Moo and I love that she never once runs from her problems, but faces them head-on. Because of the nature of the story, Na Moo's side of the story was more intense, but she is without a doubt one of the strongest female leads I've seen in Kdramas so far.

ANTAGONIST: Imposingly petrifying
Yoon Hui Jae (ML's father): Heon Joon Ho deserves an award for his performance. Every time he stepped into a scene, he dominated and filled it with almost palpable tension. He cast a terrifying shadow over every character, continually reminding you that he was a prowling beast ready to strike. Forget Hollywood "horror" movies and "frightful" tv shows. From now on, Yoon Hui Jae is my new standard for blood-curdling terror.

SUPPORT CHARACTERS: Relatable & complex
Though this series has an amazing cast of characters that bring something of importance to the table, I'll focus on the top three characters that merit a special recognition...

Chae Ok Hee (ML's adoptive mother): Talk about a character caught between a sword and a hard place. Her performance was absolutely brilliant and her character was probably the most relatable. Ok Hee is going to go down as the definition of a strong mother. She's a testament that water can be thicker than blood and, when push comes to shove, any mother will pull her claws out to protect her children.

Yoon Hyun Moo (ML's brother): Kim Kyung Nam deserves an award for his superb performance. Alongside Hui Jae, he stole the show for me. He had some of the most powerful scenes and the strength he displayed was of a different kind than usual. He was a sacrificial character (a spot almost always reserved for the female lead) but with a strong purpose. He loves, selflessly and fully, without expecting anything from anyone in return. I found myself hurting alongside him and rooting for him throughout most of the show.

Gil Moo Won (FL's brother): Another character that stood out with his complexity and excellent portrayal. We were given his backstory in small doses until the picture was completed. This was a character that lingered in his pain but who was strong enough to accept and ask for help when things got tough. He understood and empathized with Hyun Moo because they were both shades of grey, which gave them an undeniable bond. The fact that he plays off of Hyun Moo so well, made me wish they could've shared more screentime together.

PORTRAYAL OF ROMANCE: Sweet & nurturing
The relationship between Na Moo and Nak Won was exceptionally balanced. It was an exchange of giving and taking; of want and need. They were loving, sweet and nurturing towards one another. They were also both hurting and, rather than taking the easy way out by keeping away from each other, they actively decided to pave a path out together. The quote: "You lean on me, I'll lean on you and we'll be okay" is enough to describe this beautiful relationship.

Here are some of the highlights:
1) They each have moments where one of them is vulnerable and the other strong; so it never feels one-sided.
2) There are no misunderstandings because they communicate with each other in a very honest and straightforward way.
3) The chemistry between them makes their relationship feel natural together. You can tell how much they care for each other with every stolen glance, soft smile and lingering touch.

HORROR FACTOR: Off the chart.
You better be prepared to hold your breath and curl your toes whenever Yoon Hui Jae steps into the scene, is all I'm saying.

OVERALL: This is a masterpiece.
The art direction is Hollywood quality (I'd say it even surpasses it). The framing, colors and lighting enhance the message communicated. So if you know what you're looking for, you'll be amazed at the attention to detail.

The music has also been carefully selected, used to amplify a feeling rather than distract. The ambient sounds help enhance the atmosphere, drawing you into the scene and forcing you to live it alongside the character.

Add to that the interesting story, superb characters and amazing acting you'll get a series that you'll not soon forget. Re-watch value for this is also quite high.

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89 personnes ont trouvé cette critique utile
juil. 26, 2018
32 épisodes vus sur 32
Complété 3
Globalement 6.5
Histoire 5.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
Musique 7.0
Degrés de Re-visionnage 5.0
I really expected to love this drama, but instead I felt very indifferent at the end, and indifferent isn't a good thing for a melodrama to be. My main issue is that I think this story should have have never been this long. This could have been an interesting movie, or a much shorter drama, but even if the episodes were short, 32 episodes is way too many to tell this story. To fill the time, there were so many repetitive scenes, so many flashbacks, looooong intense stares, and of course lots of hugging. Very dramatic hugging.

The best thing about this drama is the acting. Jang Ki Yong and Jin Ki Joo do make a very sweet couple, enough to make the star crossed lovers storyline believable, but there wasn't enough exciting chemistry between them to make the repetitive parts less boring. I also loved their child actor counterparts, who were really good, and matched the older versions well. However, the majority of their storyline never changes, so although I felt bad for them, and I was rooting for them, I also wished something more would happen than intense stares, emotional hugs, and occasionally fighting off various psychopaths.

Speaking of psychopaths, I think the best performance was Heo Joon Ho, because I love a good villain. His performance gave me Hannibal Lecter chills at times. Still, even his character started to get a little monotonous. I wish they went a little deeper into what made him tick, instead of waiting until the end. His scenes with the psycho tabloid reporter were fun to watch, and I liked the dynamic with his ex wife, but I felt like his interactions with other characters could have gone much further than just being generally creepy. I definitely wanted to see more scenes connecting him and Na Moo (not just overused flashbacks). The few scenes they actually had together were so intense.

The only reason I stopped myself from giving the cast a 10 is because even though everyone performed their parts well, their characters weren't always engaging, which is probably the writers fault. Some of the characters were one note, which I think is what stopped me from being emotionally connected to many of them. There were parts of the story that were emotional for me, and a some other characters that had moments that touched me (Like Na Moo's brother, Step Mom, and Team Leader), but the story is so slow at times that many of the characters get lost. Some just didn't have enough interesting contributions to the story.

My lowest score is obviously for the story, but again I am surprised by this because heartbreaking romance and psychological thrillers are two of my favorite genres. I saw some complaints about this being a melodrama, but I think it wasn't melodramatic enough. There are some very intense moments strung together by twice as many moments that are predictable and redundant. How many times do we have to refer to the same flashback to get the point. Maybe I am more jaded than others, but everything I found unique about this drama was drowned out by what I found to be predictable, and uninteresting.

The only way I would watch this again is if someone spliced together a much shorter version. I'm convinced that very large parts of this drama, maybe even full episodes, could be cut and not missed.

Overall I am pretty apathetic towards Come and Hug Me. I honestly almost dropped it, but decided to finally power through to the end. I liked the overall theme of the story, and parts of the last few episodes were much more interesting, but there were also really overdramatic and cheesy parts that were not necessary at the end. If you are a fan of slower paced dramas you may be more patient with the storyline than I was. This is an interesting romance at it's core, and that may be enough to make some people excited to watch. I will say that if you don't like the drama at the beginning, it probably wont get much better for you by the end. If you're still curious, maybe have someone make a cheat sheet for you of every episodes where things that are important actually happen. Maybe pay them for it in hugs!

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  • Drama: Come and Hug Me
  • Pays: Corée du Sud
  • Épisodes: 32
  • Diffusé: mai 16, 2018 - juil. 19, 2018
  • Diffusé On: Mercredi, Jeudi
  • Station de diffusion initiale: MBC
  • Durée: 35 min.
  • Classification du contenu: 15+ - Adolescents de 15 ans ou plus


  • Score: 8.3 (marqué par 20,345 utilisateurs)
  • Classé: #999
  • Popularité: #193
  • Téléspectateurs: 53,366

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