Obvious link : Similar themed movie with a spreading outbreak
The characters then have to survive this outbreak
Recommandé par Lia
Both of them are probably the best action-thriller-zombie Korean projects, and definitely among the best internationally! Both stories are more or less predictable and not too frightening or gory, but they were intense and suspenseful.
The acting and characters were great, the music well-fitted, the directing and cinematography superb.

Recommandé par penel
-both have zombies
-both might have a connection together because in one scene they said something about train to busan
- both are people trying to survive
-both have people trying to protect others
-both have that one character that tries to get everyone killed and only things for themselves and is selfish!
Recommandé par Yooi
It's also an epidemic movie with one main character who wants to save his family and whole South Korea.
Recommandé par Sato
lots of differences in plot/scenario/characters/themes between the two, but i found they frequently gave me quite similar vibes, plus both are well worth your time (especially because neither are very long):
>> fast-paced horror/thriller genre
>> a group fighting for survival in a single confined space (apartment building vs train, for good portion of the movie)
>> 'infected' monsters whose main purpose is to kill humans
>> starts off very action-based, but become a lot more about people and their decisions as the storylines progress - huge amount of heart-breaking potential!
>> similarly, touching and very human moments amongst the bloodshed, as well as plenty of character growth/development
>> large cast of characters (some you'll love, some you'll hate) that will definitely end up shrinking... with brilliant acting all round
>> side-eying the military/questioning the bigger picture
Recommandé par hhekr
Both are set in an apocalyptic world and have great characters with emotional energy between them. A lot of interesting alliances and relationships formed in the face of terror.
Recommandé par yjhgyu
Extraordinary presentation of a mass disaster involving a human disease, epidemic type scenario. Breath-taking sense of suspense, panic and horror. Great acting by the MC and all other supporting actors. Horrifyingly realistic depiction of body-horror through expert special effects. Characters are fleshed out with a back story that makes the viewer care about what happens to them. Generally positive ending but a background of unease regarding what might come next.
Recommandé par FrothyMix
Both have humans who turn into monsters.
The world facing a huge human crisis.
Recommandé par DeobiMars
I watched The Flu after Train to Busan because I was craving more zombie/thriller movies. I was reluctant to watch The Flu since it is not about zombies and the trailer did not seem to interesting, but decided to give it a try.

I ended up loving it! Both movies are fast paced thrillers revolving around the spread of a virus infection in Korea. If you enjoyed the intenseness/edge-of-your-seat aspect of Train to Busan, then you will definitely enjoy The Flu! Both movies also possess heart-wrenching scenes and keep your heart racing until the very end.

The Flu also delves deeper into the story of the spread of the virus infection and the attempts to stop it, while Train to Busan focuses more on the survival of the main cast, however, you'll love both!
Recommandé par Shay
- apocalypse, escape
- tear-jerker
- thriller
- gore
- 2 parts
- movie, zombies
Recommandé par whyira_
both shows are about epidemic, and about the leads trying their best to survive. Both are science frictional movies
Recommandé par stangidle
Zombies Zombies
Recommandé par lenny
While different in tone (one is more comedic, the other serious), both are about a group of people dealing with a zombie apocalypse.
Recommandé par emeraldarrows
* If you like movies based on Zombies so you might like "Train to Busan"
* Both have a survivor group that fight against Zombies
* both have villains who put people's lives in danger
* both have Heros who sacrifice their lives for another people

Recommandé par Shokoofeh
These two both reminded me of Resident Evil. They're pretty similar and though Train to Busan is pretty popular, I suggest you to watch Live Shock too.
Recommandé par Dia
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