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  I'm 心雅.    


I’m your friendly neighborhood storm cloud. I often rain on parades. I’ve been to some rainy and snowy parades before so I know for a fact that they’re better than super sunny ones. In any case, this is all to say that I’m very critical. Just because I’m criticizing something doesn’t mean I don’t like it. Sometimes I might even let in a few rays of sunshine. I’m not an effusive person, so if I gush, I really mean it.

I mostly hang out on the Feeds, where I tend to spam pretty screenshots and write very long, generally nitpick-y, sometimes ramble-y, occasionally rant-y, posts about whatever dramas or movies I'm watching. As for what I watch ... mostly dramas, and mostly things from Korea, Japan, or China, but occasionally from Taiwan. I'm open to pretty much any genre, except horror. I'm a scary-cat, you see. Actually, I'm trying to work up the courage to watch Kingdom (I love sageuks), but those zombies don't look nice. I've learned that I'm not much a fan of xianxia. That's the only genre from which I've never liked anything I've watched. I do love historical, though, and fantasy. Defender of clichés, after all, they're cliché for a reason. Still, sometimes I'll get annoyed if I feel they're being poorly used. Cheesy, trope-y classics are my comfort food. I do watch a lot of romantic comedies, though my favorite things tend to be more serious dramas that either make me think or cry or both. Summer-y dramas aren't the best, that's a proven fact. Rain and snow make everything better. I guess it does rain during the summer in Korea ... but you get my point. Monks ... dramas should have more monks. Anachronisms are definitely not on my list of favorite things, so beware fluffy historicals, I may not be a friend to you.

   My Ratings     I don't have a rubric. There are too many factors to make it fit into a neat system. I also perpetually feel the need to redo my ratings. Please note that I'm quite a harsh rater. My average rating is around 5.5, so even if my rating looks "low" it doesn't mean I thought it was bad. I can also be very forgiving of flaws if there was some aspect I think it really got right, so a high rating does not equal perfect. Though I do take into account the quality of the music, cinematography, performances, writing, directing, etc., my personal enjoyment and emotional attachment are major considerations. Bonus points for Miura Haruma's smile.

I generally only accept Friend Requests from people I interact with frequently. So if you send me a Friend Request and I don't really feel like I know you, I'll probably just leave it pending until we've talked more. Feel free to strike up a conversation with me so we can get to know each other better!


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