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Numbers korean drama review
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by unterwegsimkoreanischenD
juil. 30, 2023
12 épisodes vus sur 12
Globalement 9.0
Histoire 9.0
Jeu d'acteur/Casting 10.0
Musique 9.0
Degrés de Re-visionnage 7.5
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Don't be deterred by a supposedly dry accountants´ world. It´s feisty. Suspenseful. Emotional, too

"Numbers" is about auditors, balance sheets and accountants. It's obviously all about numbers. That may put some people off. It's also about what lies behind those numbers, and that may at times seem even more complicated to the uninitiated. However, deliberately illustrative examples are repeatedly interspersed. And it is even more gratifying that it is not necessary to understand all this in every detail in order to enjoy the series. “Numbers” is about a rational and clever mastermind. Yet it is also about having the heart at the right spot. It´s feisty. It´s also emotional. It stands up and means it. Great!

"Numbers" is definitely worth it getting involved in the abstract world of accounting specialists. Especially since their decisions, in turn, have consequences for a world that juggles numbers even more aloof - Investment Fonds... While the auditors keep an eye on the current state of the balance sheet and put its potential through its paces, investors only care about future returns and often want the maximum profit regardless of the losses - which others have to bear for it.

Numbers are numbers. But the decisive factor is who has the sovereignty of interpretation. Numbers sound clean and objective, apparently. Yet, they stand for people, their visions and their decisions. Hidden underneath are solutions, too. As always, the question you´re asking, will make the difference – leading the way for your attention and focus. And as always, different possible perspectives exist. Also in the world of numbers.

"Numbers" is about a revenge campaign – again. There are actually several. It is about those who, with good reason, do not want to be intimidated by the power of the powerful – again. They have nothing (more) to lose. The bad guys are really bad. They have long lost their heart or never had one to begin with. This makes for plenty of interesting relationship dynamics.

"Numbers" also offers an interesting variety of intelligence and competence. Bottom line for revenge candidates – again: just on your own it is almost impossible to make a difference. However, someone courageously has to make a first clever and striking move ahead. With heart and soul. Then maybe others will remember that their heart was once in their right place, too. (In a rational, hierarchical world that takes for granted that there is no room for irrational emotions or personal interests, it's easy to forget just that.)

"Numbers" is a bold story about rather impure moves in the world of accounting and investment. A complex story. At the same time, an exciting, thrilling story that is fun, too. No matter how remote this world of dizzyingly high numbers may be for most of the audience, watching the story feels good overall. You get a high-flying, intelligent mixture. The actors show a strong presence in their roles and thus contribute a lot. The pace is right. OST fits fine.

My suggestion: don't be put off by suits, ties and a supposedly dry, conservative, number-dominated accountant business world. Sure enough, "Numbers" has it all!

Side Note:
Banks in South Korea have been taboo for investors since the Asian crisis. For the bank sector, on the other hand, financial investment transactions are not permitted. Just now, in 2023, fundamental reforms were launched - some are even talking about a revolution. The banking sector is just now being opened up to new players in order to stimulate competition.
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