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bet you can "hear" my profile picture!


bet you can "hear" my profile picture!
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août 15, 2023
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Complété 8
Globalement 4.0
Histoire 1.0
Acting/Cast 7.0
Musique 7.0
Degrés de Re-visionnage 1.0

It will make your Heart BREAK and not BEAT!

Warning: For those thinking to watch Heartbeat now - Do it At Your Own Risk.

This is me as the drama was announced: ❤️_❤️
This is me as the drama progressed and now ended: ?????

For the first time in my K-Drama watching history, I have not been so disappointed as today. Cause I honestly had high hopes for this drama, given the cast and premise. Even recommended to few friends and MDL-ers as I completed the initial 2-3 episodes (please forgive me). But the magnitude of disappointment is making me rant here so please bear with me ?

I chose to watch an airing drama (big feat in itself) that continued to dip low as the series progressed. But I still thought - No, I have dropped too many dramas and I judge dramas too early - so let's keep watching and hope that it will get better. But it doesn't, week on week it got worse and I was watching this on 2x speed and then just fast-forwarding all together.

But man, that ending - worse than Bella Swan's character and acting in Twilight (and that's saying something).

> Story: 0 (wish I could mark the same in MDL)
> Acting: 7 - cannot blame the actors, they all did a good job - just that the script was terrible, hence the result was terrible.
But no fault of the skills of actor, I would still look forward to their other projects so that I can erase this terrible memory.
> Music/OST: didn't make any difference, cause with such bad writing even when it was good, it all lost meaning.

> Overall: 4/10 - and this 4 is just for the sake of actors.
> Verdict for Heartbeat: Skip it or you'll be filled with regrets like me.

The premise was so good which made me have great expectations as they could have done so much with the romance, comedy, fantasy and mystery elements. They had a decent cast and music as well - but nothing could save it because the writing/script is one of the worst ones I have come across. Like what were the writers eating/drinking that made them act like this??

I feel bad for Taec Yeon as I like him as an idol from 2PM days, and this was my first proper drama of his that I wanted to see. Also, Kim In Kwon - cause he is an exemplary actor! He is one of my favorite support actors, I means see that guy in Mr Queen (what a fine senior actor).

Personally, this drama is making me rethink that I need to continue staying away from airing dramas, and watch them only when it finishes. Binge-watching is better for my sanity and drama viewing. I am just so angry/sad/disappointed. Dramas are after all supposed to bring joy and not make me pull-my hair. Hence, anyone reading this - hope you have a fair idea what could be expected, please tread carefully in case you are planning to watch this drama. Better, don't and watch something else.

Life is too short and our schedules too busy otherwise - to waste time on bad dramas! Lire davantage

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Strange Lawyer Woo Young Woo
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août 25, 2022
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Complété 0
Globalement 8.0
Histoire 7.5
Acting/Cast 10
Musique 8.0
Degrés de Re-visionnage 6.5

Extraordinary Story & Characters - Finished Ordinarily

One of the most anticipated and talked about drama of mid-2022 which started on a high - with heartwarming story and characters, while showing the harsh reality of society but ended a bit-weakly. Overall, an enjoyable ride and it will definitely remain an iconic drama and in must-watch lists for time to come. Sharing my short & detailed reviews below:


Why You Should Watch It:
♥ Refreshing concept - great portrayal of person suffering from ASD
♥ Superb Acting by ALL characters
♥ Cute main-lead love story - will induce giddiness, make you curl your toes and smile ear-to-ear!
♥ Loveable and Hate-worthy Side Characters (the latter, cause we need a reminder that all in not rosy even in dramas)
♥ Good Reflection of society's good, bad and the in-between
♥ Beautiful, Addicting Soundtrack
♥ Funny and comedic relief to break-through the seriousness in storyline

What Might Bother You:
✘ No hard-core, well explained baddie/villain
✘ Some side-characters have weak character development
✘ Law cases are not as gritty and thrilling
✘ Ending is rushed (can be managed, but might leave some frustrated)

This drama is for you if you are looking for a cute romance story, set in the backdrop of attorneys navigating their way in the society - shown through the eyes of a genius woman suffering from ASD. You get preview of her friendships and family, initial inhibition of people on accepting people with ASD, how they try to understand and sympathize, while others choose not to - and both sides are valid and real.

Watch it for - Woo Young Woo's acting, Jeon-Ho's charms, cute moments, some brilliantly executed cases, comedy from our loveable side characters and portrayal of those who suffer from ASD - so that we can learn and be kind in our real life!

........................................ || not spoiler, but some hints are there at storyline - read with caution || ..............................................


❤ Lesson From This Drama: Celebrate the Extra-Ordinary in all of us! ❤

--------------------------------------------------------- ✧✦ What Works ✦✧ ----------------------------------------------------------

✦ The Concept:
Refreshing story of how a genius young woman suffering from Autism deals with her work, friends, work and other social interaction. We get to see from her lenses - the good, bad and the in-between we deal with in society. Somethings that might just seem natural to us in our every-day life, might be a task for people suffering from ASD. While the cases and characters propel how our main lead actress navigates through it all, my takeaway from it is that we need to more observant, understanding, sympathetic to people and our surroundings, cause not everyone is same, we are all different and that is okay and something to be celebrate!

✦ The Acting:
While our main lead actress is phenomenon and it is what draws audience to start watching this drama, stay and fall in love with her - it is also the other characters around her. How they in their respective roles are either supportive, begin to understand her, or are completely against her. Which is a good and solid representation in real life - some will hate thee, some will love thee. Right from characters shown in the positive or negative role - I believe if a character makes you love them or hate them, that is a job and portrayal well done. So kudos to the entire star cast, minus the glitch in certain character development, with the limelight on this show, everyone stayed true to their acting!

✦ The Cases (some of them - at the start)
This is not a courtroom drama, but more of how it is approached by a person suffering from ASD. What maybe missed by the ordinary attorneys is captured beautifully by our Extraordinary Attorney Woo. The cases in the first half are somewhat thought-provoking, nothing that that will give you sleepless nights or keep you guessing till the end, but more on the lines of breaking it to the audience that society evils persist and sometimes our perception creates or manifests evil or wrong. But seen from the lens of the innocent (like Attorney Woo) you can see past the pre-conceived notions/prejudice and see a person or situation for what it really is and make a judgement or form opinions accordingly.

This was a double-edged sword - some cases worked while some did not. But in all cased - we see our lead making some good/bad and confusing decisions in her own battle to love the law and abide by it.

-------------------------------------------------- ✧✦ What Could Be Better ✦✧ ---------------------------------------------------

✦ The love-story (or stories)
Now in a great romance - you have a build-up, the cute moments, a tragedy or hurdle that tests them and then happily-ever-after, right?

I personally fawned, curled my toes in the romantic scenes, cause it was cute, mushy and our lead pair were devastatingly good looking and convincing. But I was saddened by how the writers wrote their hurdles and ending phrase. The relationship graph went super high only to nose-dive in the end. Though some would like it and appreciate how it was tied up, but I would have preferred more explanation or some romantic/dramatic declaration of love - because we are focusing on a character who is socially meek, so more words were needed to explain those emotions.

Another weak area - the love stories of the side-characters was just done for namesake, only cause they are on screen so let's show a backstory or put 1+1 characters just cause side characters also need some love - did not work for me, sadly. Had they omitted the love angle and shown it more as a supportive friendship or hinted at a camaraderie, would make more sense.

✦ The Negative Characters' Development
Everyone loves a good villain - you may love, admire or hate them but you just cannot ignore them.
In Woo Young Woo's life too, we see such characters pop-in but with not much preamble as to why the dislike our main lead, what is their backstory and main motive to cause disruption. It is all too mellow and not sharp, vengeful or even justified. They are just there - and you would expect that the next episode would drop some insight, but are just left waiting. Talent, in this case, got wasted as well as the story arch.

--------------------------------------------------------- ✧✦ Summary ✦✧ --------------------------------------------------------

It definitely is a tale that is worth-a-watch only for the portrayal of ASD, some great acting and beautiful soundtrack.
But like me, many could be saddened at how it all tied up in the end. Because the drama was so highly anticipated and the first half really sets the bar high, to have such a mellow ending was not expected.

Usually I give a drama a rating of 10, deducting 0.5 or 1 as story progresses and characters develop. Therefore, I gave this drama a 9 at the start only to bring it down to 8 now, which can possibly share some perspective to whoever is reading this.

It is a cinematic treat - the acting, scenes and music make it easy on the eyes and ears and the story is a heartwarming tale that is worth taking a note of, at least once.

-------------------------------------------------------------- ✧✦ ✦✧ ------------------------------------------------------------

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Kang Nam Soon, une force de la nature
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nov. 27, 2023
16 épisodes vus sur 16
Complété 8
Globalement 6.0
Histoire 4.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
Musique 5.0
Degrés de Re-visionnage 5.0

Watch it for Byeon Woo Seok/Ryu Shi Oh (He's a 10, helping make the series a 6)

No one can deny the popularity of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. It might have its flaws, but is one of the most popular K-dramas that can be termed as a Classic of 2015-2020 times. The Bong-Bong & Min-Min couple is legendary both on-screen and off-screen, so this is definitely a series that you can recommend to others and rewatch.

Hence, when this spin-off/sequel was announced with such a strong cast, expectations were sky-high. For me, I was both excited and nervous, cause it is not easy to live up to Prequels, especially when they are such a hit. Still keeping the hope alive, courtesy the strong cast that the drama had got - I expected great things to happen! Alas, it did not and here is my breakdown of what went wrong and why only Byeok Woo Seok's portrayal of the charming antagonist Ryu Shi-Oh is the only redeeming point in this drama!

----------------------------------------------------------| SHORT REVIEW |----------------------------------------------------------

♥ Best Things About this Drama ♥

1. Ryu Shi-Oh: one of the best portrayal of antagonists in a long time. He will charm your pants off & definitely deserved more than what he got in screen-time. He is the reason, I could watch the drama every weekend and not drop it!
2. The cameo of our beloved Bong-Min Couple from prequel: Warning: This is just 5-10 minutes in early episode. But even in that short time, they did more than what transpires in the rest of the drama by the main protagonists.

✘What Went Terribly Wrong for this Drama ✘

1. Biased portrayal of women power: as a woman, I personally felt the 3 women were over the top and borderline abused their powers. The heroics were illogical and meh.
2. Unnecessary side characters: the poor couple, fake Namsoon and lover Barista - complete waste of talent, time! Randomly introduced, not fleshed out and then dropped without much notice.
3. Zero Chemistry of Main Leads: Zilch, Nada, Nothing you feel when you see them onscreen. The butterflies are zombies in the stomach after seeing them, especially when you compare to the toe-curling adorable couple Bong-Min in S1.

✧❅✦ SUMMARY ✦❅✧
• Overall hugely disappointing. I think those like me who watched it while it aired did it only cause of the villain.
• Anyone thinking of watching it now - you have been warned. Maybe you can watch the whole show in 2x to get the gist of it and slow down for parts/characters that you like.
• I know there is a Season 3 in the works - but if it is anything like this show, I am skipping it. The only factor we liked in this series is gone, so not worth it. Unless they take note and make it more like Season 1.
• My rankings for acting is 9/10 only for Ryu Shi-Oh, rest of the actors are great as individuals but they had very unlikable traits as characters. The rewatch score too is only cause I would like to watch the villain charm us again, and again.
• Just cause of Byeok Woo Seok and the Cameo of Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Sik - I am rating this series a 6. They individually were a 10/10 of course. But take them out and this series would be a 0-2 rating or entirely Skipped.

----------------------| DETAILED REVIEW - Expanding more on Best & Worst Parts of this Show |------------------------


❤️ Ryu Shi-Oh:
While we always want the heroes to win, good to triumph over evil, there is always some antagonists that are hearts bleed out for. You know that had they been in a better environment, had there been a helping/loving hand extended to them - they would shine bright, perhaps brighter than the main leads. You would not justify their evil doings, no, but then you would think that had you been there - you would have tried to understand them, maybe see things from their perspective and bought them to light. They are antagonists you would root for - as their characters are so well written and so well portrayed, that you can't help but be enamored and be a fan. Some names that come to my mind - Thanos, Joker, Pain, Itachi, Light Yagami, Yoo Ji-tae
as Woo-jin Lee, Darth Vader and so on. They have a fanbase and following of their own, and it is quite justified cause they are such impactful characters.

May be it is not the same level, but Ryu Shi-Oh would definitely be on this list for me. I had seen the actor in a charming puppy kind of ML role in 20th Century Girl, and I was smitten. But when he arrived in this drama, the aura/charms and overall screen presence were nothing short of earth-shattering. While from the start you know he would be doomed, but still you wanted to root for him - and that little moments were he left behind his dark persona and was just another boy trying hard to be loved and make his place in this world. Yes, his means were not right and we wish he had been dealt better cards in life, but he so far was the only reason - I looked forward to watching this drama every weekend, and the rating I give for acting and rewatch is solely cause of him.

I cannot wait for Byeok Woo Seok's other projects - cause going by the popularity of his video edits on SNS, he is the only good thing from this drama and I can only hope and pray that he gets opportunities that make him grow upwards and onwards - and for us viewers it will be a delight as always to see such a handsome man with such talent!

❤️ The cameo of Do Bong Soon and Ahn Min Hyuk:
Yes, you are reading this right! Even that less than 5-10 minute cameo was highlight of this show, which came early on and gave us hope. Unfortunately the light goes out with them, cause the rest of the show is just a chaotic mess, wasting talent.


✘ Biased portrayal of women power/attempt at feminism:
As a woman, I was quite delighted at the whole notion of these series, where women run the show. In the prequel, maybe Do-Bong Soon's mother abused her power but that was one perspective, the others were doing it right. But here the women are powerful and they show-off, to the point that they debase their partner/children and common people around them. This did not sit well with me. Feminism or Women Empowerment means having an equal seat at the table, not overpowering someone just cause you are strong. This is just my opinion but this did not make me appreciate the dynamics the 3 women had, and most of the times it seemed so over-the-top. I know many would say had it been a man or story from male perspective, we would be okay with it. I feel that was the past, if we are having stories showing Strong Women, I think we can take a better approach and change perspective. What is the difference between the past portrayal and now, if we use the same formula?

✘ Unnecessary Characters and storyline:
The poor couple, the barista lover and the fake Namsoon - if you really think about it, had they been omitted the story would have remained same. Like they introduced these characters, but never expanded on their storylines and then dumped them like trash/incomplete stories in the end. Waste of talent, screentime and viewer time!

✘ Lackluster Main Lead and Love Story:
I can write pages after pages for the prequel Bong-Bong and Min-Min couple, they were the right mix for a K-drama couple. I think we all know how good they were on-screen that we still hope they come together off-screen (Too bad I feel this is another Leonardo/Kate Winslet story). But the main leads here were too sugar sweet to be liked. I mean they had their cute moments, but it was too over-the-top again and the chemistry was so off the charts. Like negatives for me.

The antagonist and FL gave better love/cute/adorable moments than they did. In fact, if you are active on social media, there is a huge amount of edit on this and you can see why!

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The 8 Show
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mai 18, 2024
8 épisodes vus sur 8
Complété 0
Globalement 8.0
Histoire 9.0
Acting/Cast 10
Musique 8.0
Degrés de Re-visionnage 7.0

Survival Thriller Show with Wes Anderson direction - Must Watch!

If you like narration as in Wes Anderson's film "The Budapest Hotel" and survival game dramas/movies that showcase human desperation like Squid Games, Alice in Borderland & The Platform - then you must watch this show. Worth the binge watch!

• Almost everything - good plot, pacing, acting, suspense, moral lesson
• Unique Factor: narration like Wes Anderson film done by the main character (Floor #3), changes in aspect ration. Easter egg in the end where another character (Floor #7) opens floor to Season 2
• Compact format, but does due diligence to cover every character's backstory, changes during the game & after

• Not exactly a negative point - but the show does not give immense thrill, only cause we know of shows that have come previously like Squid Games and Alice in Borderland. So for some this may blur into the same category & not be unique.
• Personally did not like the sacrifice shown in the end, though it fits well in the story. But just my opinion that the finale episode could have ended differently.

If this genre is to your liking - give it a watch, else skip. Not a unique-never-seen-before drama, but compact format makes it a good watch if you enjoy such thrilling survival shows that focus on how humans will do anything to survive!

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Once Upon a Boyhood
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déc. 25, 2023
10 épisodes vus sur 10
Complété 0
Globalement 9.0
Histoire 10
Acting/Cast 10
Musique 10
Degrés de Re-visionnage 9.0

Im-Siwan giving another iconic character: Jang Byung Tae, the dogged warrior against bullying!

After the iconic Jang Gu-Rae (Misaeng), Si-wan has given us another legendary character as Jang Byung Tae. Words would not be enough to praise this idol-turned-actor for every diverse role he undertakes. At 35 years of age, he plays a high-school boy with such finesse which I doubt actors of that actual age would be able to deliver. His latest work, Boyhood, deserves to be added into his ever-growing list of amazing works & personally for me it has wrapped up my 2023 Drama-Year beautifully!

In first half - we meet Jang Byung Tae, a meek school-boy, oppressed all his life by bullies, no matter how many school he changes. He has been "whooped" so much that he and his family assume it to be his destiny & he has no other meaning/dreams from his life. By a comedic chain of events - in his new school he is mistaken to be renowned bully/fighter than being someone who is bullied. He gets to live life on the other side - but all good things must come to an end, right?

The second half - reveals the truth & once again Byung Tae is miserable as bullies oppress him and his friends. He reaches his breaking point & when his friends/family make Jang Byung Tae realize that his life is meaningful & he is not someone that should just be bullied. He vows to fight the bullies to end this cycle of violence so that one day he and others can wake up to enjoy life as they should. But in face of the oppressor, can Byung Tae emerge victorious as a true Dragon Warrior?

In short - EVERYTHING! But let me break it into main TOP 3 (rest under detailed review)

1. Hitting the right notes of nostalgia through the music, cinematography, story & acting by all that made me experience 1989!
2. Balancing the serious issue of bullying with apt comedy, action, cute romance & friendship of youth!
3. Im-Siwan: he proves his acting chops again. Dialogue, face expressions, dancing - is there anything this man is not good at?


Very rarely you come across dramas that remains true to its premise & expectations. Boyhood manages to deliver it through the acting, action, music, story, friendship and romance - making it one of the best dramas of 2023 for me! It wrapped up neatly in 10 episodes, which ensured no dull moments, even pace & satisfactory conclusion. While Si-wan is the highlight for me but the above factors intertwined with his character's journey beautifully making this a delight to watch.

Would highly recommend to watch, it would be worth your time & I am confident land up as a drama high-rated on your individual lists.

Im-Siwan, yet again has all my heart ❤️ what a talent! He already has recognition for his work, cannot wait for it to go to another level/global in his future work (especially counting it for Squid Games 2)


❤️ DETAILED REVIEW - of parts that I loved in this drama

• The Dogged Spirit: Laughing in the face of bullies
Throughout the series, it delves on bullying & it's effects which we face head-on with Byung Tae & his friends. The gravity of the bullying will make you somber & is more prominent in the second half of the show. The seriousness is cut through with apt comedic situations, dialogues & acting - making it a perfect blend of comedy . The show will give a lump in our throats, misty eyes but loads of laughter!

• Im-Siwan as Jang Byung Tae:
In his role as Jang Byung Tae, Siwan is exemplary right from his dialogue delivery, his stances (as the bullied guy & then the change as he learns to fight), the pouting, the crying, the cute dances. Literally everything this man does is par excellence & a delight to watch. TBH, I would just ask the readers to simply go & watch the show only for Im Si-wan. He is one of those few talents that are rare and needs to be watched, re-watched, recommended at every opportunity we have.

• Soundtracks, Cinematography & Acting:
Without downplaying anyone - I consider Byung Tae as the only main cast & rest support him in his journey. The story of Byung Tae & his youth cannot be told unless sharing about the bullies, families & friends. The actors in these roles all bring in their A Game in execution, making us relive the 1989 rural life of Korea through their adventures. Their unique stories & characteristic quirks blend seamlessly in Byung Tae's personal journey from being bullied to fighting for justice! Aiding the acting is the right location, make-up, fashion, camerawork & props that is sure to hit the nostalgia button - as you watch their school life, places the gang hangs out in and the awesome fights!

The music is diverse: tracks that are plain fun, soulful renditions that define our relations of our youth - friendships & romance, & dance hits of 1980s K-POP. All the tracks may not be memorable, but each of them fits perfectly into the scene that is playing.


1. I wanted more romance between Byung Tae and Ji-Yeong:
They have a lot of sweet moments which are cute & so wholesome. But since we are used to K-dramas having a confession/kiss scene initiated by the ML, I blame this unconscious bias of mine for finding fault here. Right from the start we know they are tight & even without the drama explicitly showing it - I know where these two are headed in future, in terms of romance. But human me is unable to overlook this minor thing.

2, What is the ending for Jung Gyeong-Tae and Kang Seon-Hwa?
Given the evil forces they are - again I know where they could be headed, but I guess I would have liked it to be shown that being implicit/open-ended.

The above issues are very minor, personal opinions and it does not impact the overall magnificence of this drama. It still remains as one of the best dramas of 2023 for me! This drama had everything - good storyline, great acting, fitting soundtrack, beautiful cinematography - truly a hidden gem of this year & I cannot wait for more people to discover & enjoy it! ❤️

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avril 8, 2022
16 épisodes vus sur 16
Complété 0
Globalement 9.5
Histoire 9.5
Acting/Cast 10
Musique 8.0
Degrés de Re-visionnage 10

Showing the Good, Bad & Controversial

❤️ Lesson: There will always be hardships, but only you can save yourself from it, live the best version and look around - cause there might be someone to help you look forward to a "tomorrow" which will be beautiful / 아름다운

❤️ Nutshell Review:

Every episode is story of different individuals who will make you think on lines of existential crisis, showing the good, bad and difficult choices we make as humans with complex emotions & relations. But there is also an underlying backstory of the main characters (though not a satisfying one for Rowoon's I feel in final episode, hence -0.5).

Good one-time watch, though some episodes/cases may make you want to revisit (Example - Episode 9 ?)

❤️ Detailed Review:

This show is FOR YOU, if you like a PLOT where:

• great narrative to show the good, bad and controversial side of human nature
• there are elements of mystery, mythology/fantasy
• it is about SECOND CHANCES
• past lives mix with modern times
• female lead is strong with impeccable edgy fashion style
• male lead is righteous, speaks his mind but also goofy & handsome
• there are underlying backstories for characters - main & support cast, both
• visual affects are good-to-great
• people make mistakes, learn and find redemption
• every episode will keep you glued to your screen
• every episode will explore a new character's challenge - yet tie it all together for the main plot and cast
• every week you will wait for the next episode with genuine anticipation
• there is a deeper meaning about values and relationships of life, which are relatable to certain level
• focus on dark/deeper topics like suicide, murder, death in general

❤️ The Cast is Strong

• Kim Hee Sun and Kim Hae Sook (reminder of their previous drama - Room No 9, brilliance)
• Lee Soo Hyuk (cold, calculating, goes by the book, reminds of Lee Dong Wook in Goblin, but am sure there is a history here)
• Rowoon (he is growing and how!)

❤️ So, why did I PICK UP this drama?

99% of the time - I watch a drama that is COMPLETED airing.
• Rarely, a drama like this comes along that demolishes this resolve of mine
• Past Dramas that did: Mr Queen, True Beauty, Business Proposal
• So you can get an idea of the caliber of this drama - that this is not a bad pick, and you can give it a try too!

I was already a fan, before I watched the show:
• I write as a hobby, especially spin-offs of dramas I finish watching
• Usually with themes of alternate endings, or imagining the reader with the lead actor/actress.
• For this show Tomorrow - the premise & trailer itself was so good, that I drafted a spin-off beforehand.

Now at the end, the stories and lessons were beautiful, the background story and end to our characters made me take the rating a notch down to 9.5 - but still a great watch and rewatch anytime!

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Money Heist
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juin 24, 2022
6 épisodes vus sur 6
Complété 0
Globalement 9.0
Histoire 9.0
Acting/Cast 10
Musique 10
Degrés de Re-visionnage 8.0

Biggest Heist in Korea Unfolds ❤

❤ What to Expect in Plot [Disclaimer]

• Exact remake of the original Season 1 with a Korean touch
• The characters are same, with slight variations for some characters' background stories
• Remakes will always be compared to the original and will not be at par for all, but this is good remake and will make K-fans happy.
• Season 1 is Part 1 and Part 2 - with Part 1 released with 6 episodes on June 24, 2022

So go watch with an open mind!

❤ Acting:

• Since the plot is exact of the original series, the characters are same
• Some highlights/notable differences:
→ TOKYO: since her background is different, her character development is different initially merging into the Tokyo we know
→ BERLIN: If you loved him in the Squid Game, you will love his sadistic portrayal here even more
→ PROFESSOR: a more nerd yet suave version of the original but then again I am a fan of Yoo Ji Tae ❤
→ ARTURO/Jo Yeong Min: still a hate-worthy character like the original right from the start

❤ Setting:

• It is set up in a fictional place: Joint Economic Area
Personally like it, as it takes a lot of braincells to come up with a new place all together (but it is no Hobbitshire/Hogwarts/Narnia) and make a story there. And it makes it different from the original.
• I love the use of HAHOE Masks instead of Dali ones
• Music and Direction is quite addictive and polished

❤ Summary:

→ Keep an open mind and remember that this is a Korean REMAKE. Be kind ❤
→ Fans of Yoo Ji Tae and Park Hae Soo - you will fall in love all over again, as I have ❤
→ A concise remake, with good cinematography and acting showing the biggest heist to be pulled in Korea! ❤
→ I am big fan of the original series, and with that in mind, this has been a pretty great & grand effort! ❤

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Mask Girl
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août 19, 2023
7 épisodes vus sur 7
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Globalement 8.0
Histoire 8.0
Acting/Cast 10
Musique 5.0
Degrés de Re-visionnage 5.0

Poignant, Oddly Addictive Show Depicting Consequences of Chasing Beauty

The short series takes up one character's story per episode and stitches it beautifully into one single noir narrative. One story leads to another which makes it exciting and you might end up binging it like me. It tries to give an insight into the psyche of each character to justify their actions. But inherently it is a sad tale that is reflective of the real world's illogical high standards of beauty since times immemorial and the harsh consequences that it has on all of us.

-------------------------------------------------- ✧✦ Should YOU watch it? ✦✧ ------------------------------------------------------
It is not brilliant/earth-shattering, but oddly addictive as you want to know what each characters does in the end. Hence, if you like dramas with a message - given the shorter format this is worth a one time binge as it has a thought-provoking plot with real world issues, underlying elements of mystery executed well by a fine cast of actors, with right pace and direction!

----------------------------------------------------- ✧✦ What to Expect ✦✧ ----------------------------------------------------------
The drama shows two sides - characters who are perceived not so beautiful by society and therefore face struggles while achieving their dreams at work, love and life. Due to some events and sometimes their own choices they are brought to a breaking point that compels them to take actions having grievous consequences. The other side, we have characters who were going about their usual lives but suddenly their world shifts due to the actions of the first set of characters. Thus their lives get intertwined and now they either seek love or revenge - to find some semblance of peace in their lives.

--------------------------------------------- ✧✦ What Did NOT Work (For Me) ✦✧ ------------------------------------------------

✘ Rampant use of Plastic Surgery:
For some characters, use of plastic surgery was logical and was pivotal for the story to move forward. But for few characters, it was unnecessary and it made no affect on their character development or story arc if they remained looking the same. It's like how spies use temporary disguise in missions, the writers gave these characters the same, just more permanent which felt completely irrelevant.

✘ Lack of Positive Characters/Outlook:
For all characters (except one) it was one sad choice after another. Like they have been dealt a bad hand at life - so everything that follows or their own action are also bad. Maybe this was deliberate in order to focus on the harsh reality that the story characters (and even us) face when you are constantly being judged. Wishing there could be just one sliver of hope through a character/event, that might have made the characters believe that while there are many things bad in this world, there are many good things to look forward to as well. Just that could have changed their outlook, choices and lives!

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La Reine des Larmes
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avril 28, 2024
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Complété 0
Globalement 7.0
Histoire 7.0
Acting/Cast 7.0
Musique 7.0
Degrés de Re-visionnage 4.0

Overhyped - Nothing New, Old Plot in New Packaging

Just another K-drama with complicated love-story amidst power-struggling conglomerate family, enemies from past & present, case of terminal illness, amnesia, accidents at the crucial point - finally happy ending with endless promises of everlasting love! The drama is the usual tried & tested K-drama formula that we have known in countless other stories, just executed with fresh casting. The lead pair & marketing efforts make this drama popular, in my humble opinion - which I respect & feel which is what made me take note & watch it. But sadly neither the story nor the characters had any depth for it to remain memorable or call it a drama worth the hype it has created.

• Pace: Easy to follow storyline, but can be seen as sluggish.
• Good cinematography & OST (especially: Crush's Love You with all My Heart)

• Nothing new/memorable/worth rewatching as hyped (Please see below to know what is "memorable" imo)
• Superficial acting:
They have casted such talented artists but they are doing the bare minimum. None of them resonated with me as the character lacked depth, hence did not make me feel the emotions they were out to portray (except for the villain and Hae-In's brother but that was so little). Going around in social media, that everyone's been crying so much seeing the lead pair - it did not work for me. I have seen men crying onscreen, in fact this is one of the best things I applaud K-dramas for - letting the men show emotions. This is one my first drama of the ML - he's good at the whole puppy eyes vibe and cute thing - but his tears really felt fake. The only point where I almost teared up was for the ending of the grandfather (chairman of Queen group).

This drama has the same old ingredients with different packaging. There is nothing in this drama, that I will quote today or 10 years later. It is a good-to-average drama, if you don't watch it, you are not missing anything in terms of remarkable work in K-drama universe. My rating is still pretty basis the mechanism I have tried building, see it here:

Read the lines below, as soon as you read it - the visual will pop up in your head, quite vividly. That's what I call the power of a good drama.

1. "Kim Bok Joo is used as shield by Jung Joon Hyeong" - Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo
2. "Let's go to the Playstore" - Goblin
3. "Gwenchana Gwenchana" - Welcome to Waikiki
4. "Samantha and Rachel" - Business Proposal
5. "All Handsome Men are my Oppas" - Kill Me, Heal Me
6. "Red Light, Green Light (Mugunghwa kkoci pieot seumnida)" - Squid Games

Then there are some shows that I cannot even say one thing cause the whole drama is iconic and a trendsetter:
Boys over Flowers, Coffee Prince, Signal, Move to Heaven, Mr Queen, Misaeng, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon etc.

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Marry My Husband
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févr. 20, 2024
16 épisodes vus sur 16
Complété 3
Globalement 7.0
Histoire 8.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
Musique 6.0
Degrés de Re-visionnage 6.0

Not a nail-biting revenge drama, falling short in the end.

Barring the last few episodes, this is a good drama. Strong start, great cast & acting - the revenge plot dwindled towards the end with some unnecessary elements. Guess, the ending/revenge being satisfactory or not would differ people to people & hence affect the overall liking for this drama. For me, it wasn't the triumphant-fist-pump-the-air kind of revenge in the end that I love so I was unsatisfied. But the writers tied up all the knots- which makes it a decent if not great finish. Main for me the revenge arc was average : 5-6 out of 10. It had great potential but was not suspenseful/unexpected & felt mediocre when delivered in the final episodes.

Fav Aspects:
1. The female friendships
2. Men (ML, Chef, U&K Lawyer) being such green flags
3. Decent Antagonists (the FL's friend & boyfriend/fiancé)

What I Did Not Like:
1. Ep 12-16 were rushed, had unnecessary angst & characters (eg: ML's ex-fiancée & greedy parents)
2. Lead Pair Chemistry was Lacking (yes, even with all the hot kisses)
3. Wished Ju Ran & Yoo Hee Yeon (the support FLs) had more time for their stories & not just hints at the end.

Overall: 7/10
Decent one-time watch given the hype & media coverage, but not something I will rate in my top 10 list of revenge dramas.
(see how I rate dramas explanation: )

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Koidesu! Yanki-kun to Shiro Tsue Garu
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juil. 24, 2023
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Complété 0
Globalement 9.0
Histoire 9.0
Acting/Cast 10
Musique 10
Degrés de Re-visionnage 9.0

Came here for Sugino, Stayed for Kurokawa Morio!

This is one of the most beautiful, wholesome romance dramas that I have come across! Below is my personal narration - of what made this drama exciting and memorable for time to come. Not a typical pro vs con review - but please do read below and I hope I can share the joy I felt watching this drama through my words:

Koi-Desu had been on PTW for very long as reading the premise I thought it could be a tale of heart/gut-wrenching sad tale with a lot of waterworks. I mean after Japanese dramas like Your Lie in April, 1 Liter of Tears - can you blame me? But I am glad I gave it a try, because now this is one of my highest rated dramas and one that I am going to frequently recommend for those who like this genre.

Regarding the title - well, I was currently on my run for watching all dramas/movies of Sugino Yosuke. I have seen his other works where he is generally type casted as cute/prince charming kind of male lead or is in a support role. But I have known for a very long time that he is definitely super talented (swoon-worthy handsomeness aside) and therefore, I wanted to see his work where he deviates from his usual roles, and therefore, picked this long waiting drama. And I could not be more proud of my choice - because the man delivered and how! Let me share it below:

Since the first few episodes itself (I think around 3-4), this drama instantly became a 10/10 for me. And I am strict with my ratings (10 means flawless, and if over the course of the drama if things go not well then I deduct like 0.5 or 1 depending from case to case). The current rating 9/10 only changed cause of the "twist" at end of Ep 9 and overall Ep 10. I will not give the spoilers but just know that like most romance dramas - when things are going smoothly, they just had to drop a twist to make it more dramatic. It is not bad (I kind of expect is as a regular drama-addict), but as always, it was unnecessary and hence the 1 mark deduction in rating.

Now to the good parts - which was most of this drama (technically 90%):

All the characters of this drama are very well written but the main leads definitely are the highlight. They live their characters and hence you believe in them and hence the portrayal of their highs and lows of life becomes more relatable. The focus also remains on the difficulties faced by the visually impaired and it implores one to think that we might be taking somethings for granted in our daily lives, which can seem like an Herculean task to others, who are specially-abled. But they do not want to pitied or sympathized, rather they want you to treat them as equal and be kind. The message is clear: There is no their world or ours, they are not different than us - we are all looking to live an ordinary normal life, given our respective challenges.

Focusing on the leads - the romance works like magic, because it is not your over-the-top kind of romance where the ML brings the world at the feet of the FL. No, rather it shows how the boy is smitten with another girl, realizes that she has some inhibitions given her challenges, so he makes it a point to be on the same level by trying to understand her and the things around her. And in doing so, he also widens his own vision and world, and grows as a person.

While told as a tale of a visually impaired-and non-visually impaired pairing, isn't that something we all wish for? And equal standing in any relationship, where we are supportive of each other and motivate the other to be a better version of ourselves and together?

Also the fact that the lead pair is not immediately supported by all people around them - there are challenges. But everyone one - the lead pair as well as the people around them make it a point to understand their relationship, the challenges that will be there for all of them and try to find a way through it all. I loved this cause usually, drama tends to put this under either a rosy shade - where one side is totally rooting for the main couple while one side tries to bring them down. Here, I felt this was dealt more realistically, their close friends/family members pointed out the difficult aspects - in their romance, work and overall course of life, while also working with them to find a solution that helps all.

In conclusion,
If you want to watch a show with genuinely cute romance, where two innocent people fall in love, and how the people around them are unsure/support this union, then do give this show a try! A very healthy relationship portrayed through comedic reliefs, cute-fluffy moments and even the serious topic of plights of the visually impaired is delivered in a style that will make you think but not cry or feel pity. And of course, there is a cameo by a visually impaired comedian in it as well to explain the stuff that many might not understand. So when that comes - Remember to laugh first, even if you don't understand it!

Watch it For:
- Cute, Healthy Rom-Com where two very different people bonded
- Sugino Yosuke
- Supportive friends and family
- Great Message, which all of us can takeback in our own lives

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Law School
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août 25, 2022
16 épisodes vus sur 16
Complété 0
Globalement 8.5
Histoire 8.0
Acting/Cast 10
Musique 9.0
Degrés de Re-visionnage 8.0

Enthralling Drama - Teaching Law through Real Cases

Judge fairly and make sure no one suffers unjustly!

❤️ Lesson:
In this age, at times it may feel like the law is not just. But remember, one can never hide the truth for long, it ultimately surfaces. Hence, law is imperfect justice, but it destroys those who do not fear it!

❤️ Nutshell Review:
The drama is centered around a law school - its students and professors. Starting with a murder case in the campus, the students, professors, law-keepers and politicians are thrown into the mix, trying to solve it while digging long buried truths of their own. Through the main case and the intertwined cases, we see how a group of students learns, overcome their own faults with their professors guiding them. They come to know the ones who abide by the law and how some can even bend it to their own favor - ultimately it being a test of their integrity and consciousness to stand by the truth and law, which is above all.

❤️ Detailed Review:

This drama is for YOU, if you like to watch a show with:

Intriguing PLOT:

✦ fast paced, edgy and thrilling courtroom drama
✦ exceptional, par brilliant acting and dialogue delivery - especially Kim Myung Min [hats-off]
✦ crisp storylines and thought-provoking cases
✦ mysterious and keeps you guessing whodunnit till the end
✦ law jargons and events explained well, like teaching audience in a classroom [live up to drama name, Law "School"]
✦ ensemble cast with individual stories that intertwine with main story
✦ good wins over evil story OR Truth Triumphs in the long run story [feel-good factor]
✦ great cinematography - especially with close-ups and transitions
✦ even if you make mistakes, if you own up to them and do the right in the end = redemption
✦ each episode ends with a justified cliffhanger, than urges you to binge watch it cause it is too good to be put down

Brilliant CAST and ACTING:

✦ Kim Myung Min:
This is my first time watching him in action and what a treat. His screen presence and aura is literally, palpable through the screen. He has the undivided attention of the viewers as well as the actors in the scene with him, as soon as he enters a room, or speaks. Sheer acting finesse, and all praises for him are justified. Actors are of his caliber are what we would call as gems of a lifetime!

✦ Kim Bum:
This is my second drama of the actor, after the old sensation and my first K-drama, Boys Over Flowers. He still carries his boyish charm, but what we saw as a flicker of good acting in BoF is fully unleashed in his calm, calculating and brilliant demeanor and portrayal of a law student.

✦ Lee Jun Eun:
Effortless as always. I have always mostly seen her in support roles, but what a presence this lady has. She can flip from your cute, bubbly next-door ahjumma to a sharp, tongue-tying woman in a jiffy.

✦ Notable mentions: Ahn Nae Sang, Woo Hyun, Park Hyuk Kwon, Lee Chun Hee and Jo Jae Ryong.
Their screen time might have been less, but their effervescent acting was mighty felt. Again, some of the amazing actors who you may see in many other dramas in support roles and they never disappoint in whatever role they take up!

❤️ Why I Picked this Drama (and maybe why should you too)

✦ I am a sucker for courtroom dramas, and this one went beyond the usual by showcasing it from the classroom angle
✦ I like plots which can keep you guessing till the end, and give a satisfying ending led by great acting
✦ If you like western movies like - A Few Good Men, The Lincoln Lawyer, Primal Fear - definitely watch this drama. You will not regret and add it to your favorites.
✦ If you appreciate, stories within a story - then you will love the narration of this drama!

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The Queen's Umbrella
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déc. 5, 2022
16 épisodes vus sur 16
Complété 0
Globalement 8.0
Histoire 7.5
Acting/Cast 10
Musique 7.0
Degrés de Re-visionnage 7.0

Mother of the Kingdom? Nonsense! Life of a Queen is really Hard

• Reasons to Watch:
- You like Historical Dramas that has equal amounts of suspense, slow-burn politics with a pinch of comedy
- Banter and Political games between the daughter-in-law and mother-in-law a.k.a Queen and Queen Dowager
- Amazing acting by all, the cinematography, costumes and overall vibe
- Handsome Princes!

• Things that became "meh" as episodes progressed
- Story premise seemed to make it like a competition between the Princes (think Hunger Games/Maze Runner, but Royal)
- But it unfolded as past secrets/wrong-doings and how corruption snow-balled to affect the present characters
- The role of the Princes was shadowed by Queen and Queen Dowager - so some might lose interest in the constant back and forth, on who was more cunning/sharp and gets the winning point

• Things that could be better [MILD SPOILERS]
- While there is an underlying theme of who is the main antagonist, some plots (like the rebellion) was dealt very lightly. It ended before it began when the time for showdown came. It would have been a good point to show case how a Crown Prince defends his kingdom, but seemed fizzled out to me.
- Avoiding the whole romantic plotline for the Grand Prince - it seemed completely unnecessary, forced and CRINGE!

The series stays true to its title. Throughout the series, we saw how the Queen nurtures as the Mother of the Kingdom, not only towards her sons - but also step-sons and those in need. She protects them when she takes them under her wing, but does not coddle them but rather allows them to grow - so that they may take flight when the time is right.

Even though the last 2 episodes seem highly rushed, it is definitely a good watch for those who like such plots and enjoy great acting, the star cast will not disappoint. Minus the meh moments, it would definitely be one of the best series to end 2022 on.

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Le mariage contracté par Park
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janv. 11, 2024
12 épisodes vus sur 12
Complété 0
Globalement 7.5
Histoire 7.0
Acting/Cast 10
Musique 6.0
Degrés de Re-visionnage 7.0

Strong Start, Weak Finish | Amazing Rom-Com, Mystery But Failed to Tie the End

I went gaga as this drama began with all the right elements: beautiful romance of main & second leads, right dose of comedy and mystery that piqued interest in past/present timelines. They also maintained focus on women empowerment which was executed well through the FL's work in past/present. But ALL this is maintained and peaked till Ep 10, but the last 2 episodes seem to be written by some other writer/director, cause it was just a chaotic mess that leaves you disappointed especially after the high that initial episodes gave.

Best Parts:
- Amazing Cast &Performance in respective roles. Especially of ML, FL, SML, FML, FL Mon, ML's StepMom, Step Bro ❤️
- Great chemistry and Romance of ML/FL & SML/SFL
- Good build of of past/present timeline and mystery
- Pretty dresses, locations!
- Great intro & build up of evil characters

Messy Parts:
- Could not deliver the ending well for romance or the mystery
- Some support characters are just forgotten in end episodes

Recommended for one time watch, just be cautious of the ending being a mess. So if you can handle it for the sake of concluding the story, watch it.

- Was already a fan of the FL and SFL - but now am also in love with the looks, acting and voices of the ML and SML.
- I really want the actress who plays Step Mom to be cast as a Good Mom role. Have already seen in negative roles here, Extraordinary Attorney Woo and My Lovely Liar. She deserves better although in all 3 she has a redemption arc.

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So I Married an Anti-Fan
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avril 12, 2024
16 épisodes vus sur 16
Complété 0
Globalement 5.5
Histoire 5.0
Acting/Cast 7.0
Musique 5.0
Degrés de Re-visionnage 4.0

Good Drama, if you go with right expectation (i.e. lower them)

Prepare yourself mentally before starting this drama - that this would be cliched in every sense: characters, situations, romance & mystery. It is one of those dramas that does not need a lot of brain power, and should be taken lightly.

Acting: This is my first drama seeing both the FL and ML for the first time in drama (I have seen the FL in some minor role and ofc as part of her girl group). They both do not act that will make you sit up and applaud but are not terrible either. The rest of the cast are also easy on the eyes & brain as the drama progresses, but nothing memorable.

Plot-wise: Too cliche to the core - but then sometimes one is in mood of such plots when you do not want to use much of your brain cells. In that respect this drama delivers, but if you go with high expectation you will be highly disappointed.

Overall - recommended only if you have nothing else to watch. Nothing is memorable about it, but when you watch it somehow it passes time really well.

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