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I am really glad to have discovered this website MDL because with this I am able to list down and track all the Asian dramas and movies I have already watched, and also to discover what else I have been missing. And to my surprise, I have never expected I have watched a hundred dramas and movies already. Well not as much as like most of you here, but at least I think a 100+ is already a lot. And there are still some titles I have already forgot and not included here. 

I am more inclined and interested to watch and try Jdrama than any other Asian dramas. I don't hate other Asian dramas like kdrama/tdrama etc, but there are times I ended up not liking it, or dropping some series because either I got bored or annoyed with the story or some scenes, or even with their acting. And sometimes they have long or too many episodes each season, often about an hour each episodes. Or maybe I am just really used to Jdramas short and precise story.

But of course I can still recommend some dramas from them which I actually really find interesting and really satisfied. And also I like this season's dramas from both Japan and Korea. 

My Favorite Japanese Dramas: 

1. Hana Yori Dango

2. One Liter of Tears 

3. Rookies 

4. Gokusen 

5. Smile

Also, I check one's MDL watch list before I decide to add them or approve their request. I have to have something common (interest, i.e. at least a jdrama or movie) with friends I add here. That's how it is to me.. 


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