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GMMTV 2024 UP&ABOVE Lineup (Parts 1 and 2)

Part 2 now included - working on updated details

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Watched in 2024 (Chronological)

Tracking everything I complete in 2024. Let the marathons begin!

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Completed in 2023 (Chronological)

A chronology of everything I finished in 2023. 

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Noona Romance

Older Woman/Younger Man tag my beloved.

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GMMTV (2014-Present)

Detailed, comprehensive, chronological list of all GMMTV productions since Room Alone in 2014.This list is a work in neverending progress.To…

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Queer Love Masterlist

Every queer love series or movie I have completed or have dropped (DNF = did not finish).For UPDATES on current and potential future QLs see:…

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Queer Love Series Updates

Upcoming QLs from Thailand, Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. Censored romances from China may periodically be included, as may some Filipino series…

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2024 Upcoming BL
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Dangai (Censored BL)
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Xianxia (High Fantasy)
19 titles
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GMMTV 2023 "Diversely Yours" Line Up
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Steamy QLs

Gotta have AT LEAST one good fire emoji scene just to be included.

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Cozy QLs

Cozy is a tough adjective to nail down, so this list is a bit of a mixed bag, but everything here can be considered cozy in some respect. Some…

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Completed in 2022 (Alphabetical)

All the dramas I finished in 2022. 

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A Chronology of BTS

Latest Update: June 28, 2023To Be Added: variety show guest appearances and performances

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GMMTV 2020 "New & Next" Line Up
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Korean Netflix (usa)
260 titles
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Thai Netflix (usa)
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GMMTV 2022 "Borderless" Line Up
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