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  • Genre: Femme
  • Lieu: am a lil muffin in a cave ???
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  • Date d'inscription: octobre 2, 2021
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am a lil muffin in a cave ???


am a lil muffin in a cave ???


  • 10 - 9.5 = highly recommended, something about it stood out as flawless 
    • ex: the story, development, scenery, acting, chemistry between leads... etc.
  • 9 - 8 =  recommended, but something was a bit off 
    • ex: starts off strong but drags on or gets a bit boring for me; or maybe there's a problematic lesson being taught
  • 7.5 - 7 = enjoyable, but problematic 
    • ex: one of the leads is annoying or just straight up toxic/abusive and their behaviour isn't solved or recognized; or it was an extremely frustrating show with too many dramatic unnecessary misunderstandings; or it was just a bad/cliché plot but still fun to watch; or the worst kind, it was amazing until a stupid plot twist ruined the plot.
  • 6.5 - 5 = not terrible, but something lowered the experience 
    • ex: I couldn't stand where the plot was going; or something about it stressed me out that kept popping up; frustrated me and made me angry; or it was just a dumb show. 
  • 4.5 - 4 = watchable, but bad 
    • ex: it wasn't an enjoyable experience, but it kept me watching regardless; something kept triggering my curiosity even with it being so unbearable.
  • Anything lower than 4 = unwatchable, horrible 
    • ex: I dropped it; or merely finished it out of boredom/stubbornness; nothing about it was enjoyable and I was probably screaming at the screen and cursing characters out the whole time.
  • (0 = unrated)

***dramas with 10 - 6.5 stars are series I have no regrets watching***


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