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I have never thought of writing here, but recently I noticed how much time it passed since I began watching dramas. All started in autumn 2004 when I began learning Japanese and I was introduced to Jdramas by another student as a mean of education, but shortly after it became a passion to watch them and my current hobbies. I watched Kdrama for the first time in 2006, being introduced by another student, who learned Japanese and Korean at that time. 3 years later I began learning Korean as well and the Kdramas increased in number. 

Now I am heavenly happy that these dramas can be found as streaming over the internet, as in the past it was so lingering to wait for the episode to be downloaded (it took a night) and in case it couldn't, it was such a pain while waiting/finding another source. :) 

When I found MyDramaList, it was a real pleasure to be able to track all my dramas (even now I have suspicions I missed some), so now I use it daily to track each particular drama episode I watch.

And once it was down, it was so nerve-breaking as I thought I lost all my data. Thank god, it was temporary. 


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