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YouTube: /DAY6Official & /eaJMusic


YouTube: /DAY6Official & /eaJMusic

Hello, I love watching variety shows and dramas.

My most loved variety shows:

  1. Running Man (I've started watching this around the time SJK left and stuck with them ever since, they're pretty much family to me and I will keep supporting them until they can no longer run)
  2. New Journey to the West (Na PD hit the jackpot with these cast, they're all funny!)
  3. How Do You Play (I like that the concept changes from time to time plus with YJS at the helm of this show it sure sure is gonna be fun)

My top life dramas (let me know your life dramas here!):

  1. Prison Playbook (I make sure to rewatch this every year because it's such a good drama with lots of lessons)
  2. Search: WWW (I love me some strong, independent women!!!)
  3. 1 Liter of Tears (Pretty sure I cried more than a liter per episode)
  4. Reply 1988 (Probably my most favorite out of the Reply series with regards to the family relationships and friendships formed)
  5. Master of Study (A drama that came out while I was having a hard time in college, pretty relatable stuff)

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