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 96' liner / isfj
 watching dramas since 2010
 mostly into korean and japanese dramas
 usually I don't rewatch dramas and movies
  (ratings are based on my first watch)
♥ I prefer happy endings
  (because life is depressing enough)
 not the type of skipping or speeding scenes
I (easily) drop dramas because I don't wanna
  force myself completing something I don't enjoy
  and waste my time
dramas I put in "not interested" are dramas that
  couldn't catch my interest after 1-1.5 episodes
I rarely complete a drama that I rate below 7.0
  (I usually rate high)

 g        e         n         r         e
        f  a  v                                                            l  e  a  s  t    f  a  v


r       a       t       i      n        g s       y       s       t       e      m

♥ 1.0-4.5: didn't like it at all
♥ 5.0-6.5: watchable but not enjoyable
♥ 7.0-7.5: was alright
♥ 8.0-8.5: enjoyed it but something was missing
♥ 9.0-9.5: almost perfect but not a masterpiece
♥ 10.0:    absolutely loved every thing about it


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