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A typical night owl


A typical night owl
En cours 20/20
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par mahsien
sept. 7, 2023
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Histoire 10
Acting/Cast 10
Musique 9.5
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A "Moving" drama that doesn't come around very often! SUBLIME, WITTY, ACTION PACK AND EMOTIONAL.

"Moving" up your emotions in every possible way!

CHEMISTRY is through the roof! Han Hyo Joo and Zo In Sung are chemistry-ing like no other, even the chemistry amongst the other actors are so effortless and smooth that you just get sucked into THEIR reality while watching!

Even though this is centered around incredible individuals with super powers, it still very much showcased their in-depth reality of hardships in their life that is focused with missions they carry out. I really loved the backstory and past of the kids' parents. The parent's story from the past, their struggles, pain & hardships truly were admirable to watch!

Every time I watched Jang Joowon's (Hulk) scenes I became a bawling mess! It's been a whole emotional roller coaster the parents acting truly proved why they're A-listers actors. They portrayed caliber acting where you feel each and every emotions! The display of emotional expression of the veteran actors were so meticulously well executed that you feel each emotion deeply. This series is unbelievably amazing that waiting for the next episode were torturous!

Moving really touches every aspect of everyday life; the struggles, pain, loneliness, hardships, societal judgement, hierarchy of jobs and the disparity of living an average life as individuals with super powers.

This drama is packed with fast pace action, great CGI/VFX, amazing cast of actors; both playing teenagers and A-Listers actors and great story-line of every character that pulls at your heartstrings. The production value is indeed spectacular and stellar. Not only is the quality of the drama evident but the intriguing story line is so well paced and written that every episode feels like 20 mins instead of 56 mins.


The kids/parents relationships are so heartwarming to watch. The parents did their very best at raising their children especially with all odds against them. And the kids being good, attentive and understanding of their parents showed us their strong bond and trust between each other; each having their own unique story.

Character development was very well paced out by using flashbacks, clever and poignant editing. Each character's backstory had their own message which really created emotional attachment from the viewers. This made me empathize with every one of them after understanding their pain and struggles of what they all had to go through especially the parents.


Each scenes were very well thought out and every cut was symbolic and meaningful. For instance the interaction between the American Ambassador and the Chief director of the NIS. The American guy boldly sat down displaying his back towards the Korean creating a discourteous/disrespectful move. The power altercation between the two countries was quite a revealing case to watch!


The symbolisms in the drama were so relevant to each character too!! Every scene has a meaning not one thing is useless in a scene. For instance, the 2 bullet scars on Joowon's arm are so symbolic. They represent the 2 people (The commander & DooShik) who showed him real kindness during his mission on the field when everyone else thought of him as a monster. And the keepsakes he holds dear from both of his comrades and wearing the boots and always having the pocket knife with him are such precious memories he'll never forget. Their existence to him are irreplaceable. He's truly so pure of heart and loyal to the end. His story really brought me to tears from him getting betrayed, chased, stabbed, always enduring the pain, to him falling in love which made me smile but then cried again when he lost his only rock and love of his life.


ACTION was killer and unbelievably incredible that it seriously kept me on my toes!! The production and quality was beyond my expectation!! I can't say it enough but it felt like I was sucked into the characters' intense action scenes during their fight rooting for them to win and accomplish their mission. The perspectives, different angles and camera takes were so smooth and effortless that there was no awkward cut at all. Truly a spectacular performance on both the actors' effort and the production team!


The romance in the drama is surprisingly a pure breath of fresh air! It's not at all cliche, cringe and overdone but just perfectly balanced! The characters' personality creates such a heart fluttering scene that encapsulates their sweet moment without rushing and the slow-burn romance just makes the viewers left wanting more. That's exactly how pure romance in real life is like and I'm glad they showed and displayed it in such a way in the drama. Of course for my taste, nothing beats seeing adults falling in love for the first time and even better at first sight! Perfectly done in my opinion!

Overall, this drama truly exuberates every genre you can think of; action, romance, melo-drama, humour, mystery, thriller, supernatural and high quality content of story-line and cast. It is refreshing, compelling, fascinating and complex!! Definitely a must watch drama that doesn't come around very often!

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