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I watch only c-dramas (and now an occasional Thai drama of two young men, I've added) and am a multi-fan. I affectionately call those I'm a fan of, "My Pile of People".  I've listed them in the order I "met" them on screen. I only add those that strike my attention as both actors (male and female) and human beings; also the list shrinks when I've moved on. So please feel free to visit and have a look. =D

Am in my early 40s, I enjoy interacting in the comments with people as long as they are respectful. Same goes for messages. Hobbies include singing, traveling, writing (am an author), photography, dancing, scuba diving, reading, and grew up around musicians and singers. 

Currently, I'm a PhD student on medical leave. I have 4 career backgrounds; writing/editing, teaching, business, and law. I'm bilingual as I was born in Eastern Europe so speak both languages (English and Russian) fluently. I can also understand very small amounts of Hebrew, French, and Spanish. Watching so many c-dramas has made me remember occasional Mandarin and the understanding of situations but very rarely lol.

I ONLY rate and review dramas AFTER I have watched them; never before nor during. I review honestly, without any bias whether I follow the actors or not. The only time I'll give a drama a rating during the course of watching is if I drop it and I rarely review what I drop unless it's really bad or just not for me but I want others to not give up on it. I never compare dramas even if they're in the same genres because each work is individual and needs to be experienced as thus. 

How do I rate & review? Fairly simply actually; is there a cohesive plot, proper character development, are there any stereotypes or tropes, production elements like costumes, scenery, CGI, OSTs, etc. Anything that I rate with a 7.5 or higher is recommended, anything below is not. To date I have only rated 5 dramas with the perfect score of 10; 3 costume and 2 modern. If you take a peek at my watchlist, you may see more 10s but those are for either variety shows or short films/drama specials. 

So I hope you all have a great experience on this site, look forward to chatting with you in the comment sections, stay blessed and Happy Watching! =)

One world, one people under one sky. 

"In the end, only kindness matters." ~Jewel


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