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  I'm Mackenzy. And how are you?  

I'm currently in college, with my love for Asian dramas starting in late 2017. Which began with Good Morning Call as I was looking for some anime to watch on Netflix.  The rest was history as I went down the long rabbit hole of drama :D 

As for MDL, I discovered it around the same time, but didn't bother signing up. Why, I don't know either. 

I also like drawing and playing genshin impact.

Feel free to send friend request :D

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kim so hyun

☾ ――――――――――――――――――――    დ     ―――――――――――――――――――― ☽

Rating System

2 - 2.5 | who is this kid, i don't know you3 - 3.5 | you disappoint me, i know you exist, but i'm still sad4 - 4.5 | is this the best you got, you tried but i end up sad
5 - 5.5 | you're a thing, i acknowledged your existence6 - 6.5 | you had potential, you had something going on for you7 - 7.5 | there's room to make me more proud, you had your moments but you can do better
8 - 8.5 | you have your flaws, but that's okay with me9 - 9.5 | you were this close to being my favorite child10 | i'm a proud asian parent

Rating a show or movie a 1 is pointless. But, I mainly rate with the mixture of an objective and subjective viewpoint. It can literally be an objective piece of shit, but I enjoyed it regardless.

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this looks cool 10/27/19

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