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Marry My Dead Body taiwanese drama review
Marry My Dead Body
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by chUniverse Flower Award1
févr. 10, 2023
Globalement 9.0
Histoire 8.0
Jeu d'acteur/Casting 10.0
Musique 10.0
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A sincere-introspective-queer-supernatural-action-comedy movie sounds like a mishmash recipe for disaster. However, in director Cheng Wei Hao's deft hands, he is able to command these genres effortlessly. With no one genre overpowering the other, each transitioning into another seamlessly and blending beautifully. Thus, culminating into a film that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Wu Ming Han, Greg Hsu, is your typical homophobic chauvinistic CisHet male police officer who believes he is God's gift to mankind. After messing up a high speed chase with a member of a drug cartel, he is assigned the task of collecting all the debris from the car chase. He mistakenly picks up a red envelope, and a chill runs down his spine when he realizes it's an arrangement for a ghost marriage. To make matters worse his ghost spouse, Mao Bang Yu (Mao Mao), is a gay man.

Mao Mao, Austin Lin, was killed late one night in a hit and run incident. His loving and supportive Amah didn't want him to be lonely in the afterlife, hence creating the red envelope for him. After Wu Ming Han performs the marriage, Mao Mao reveals to his husband that he is unable to reincarnate until all his affairs from this life are settled. The driver from his hit and run incident was never apprehended, and he demands Wu Ming Han find the driver that killed him.

Well, what's a crime film with out its action sequences? "Marry My Dead Body" ticks off all the must haves: high speed car chase-check, stand off gun fight between police officers and the drug cartel-check, main character in a hand to hand fight sequence-check. But all these standard actions sequences have a bit of a cheeky twist, which are played for thrills as well as laughs.

Speaking of laughs, the humor of this film works on so many levels. Wu Ming Han is the straight man in both his sexuality and as well as being the comedic straight man. Forever the foil to all the shenanigans, but without him all the comedic elements would fall apart. Some of the best bits from the film are references to specific Taiwanese colloquialisms, culture, and queer culture. My personal favorite is a throw away joke when Wu Ming Han recites his badge number. The comedy in this film never talks downs to its audience by going for the easy joke.

Come for the comedy, but stay for a gut punch to the feels. Both leads go on a reluctant journey of self-reflection. Wu Ming Han to see others and a world beyond himself and Mao Mao must face the rift between him and his father. Both of their personal journeys come crashing to a head in the climactic scene between Wu Ming Han, Mao Mao, and Mao Mao's father. All three actors deliver exceptional performances, but Greg Hsu steals the spotlight with his masterful ability to swallow his sadness through forced smiles. The movie patron who sat next to me in the theater perfectly encapsulated the experience of watching this film with "I though this was a comedy..." in between heavy sobs.

Cheng Wei Hao cleverly weaves a poignant narrative of love and acceptance under the guise of a goofy odd couple trope. With an assist from two of Taiwan's rising stars, we are able to believe the growing and maturing friendship between the two leading characters. An excellent cast of supporting actors rounds out the ensemble, with Wang Man Chiao standing out as the Amah every queer person wishes was in their life. Wang Man Chiao exemplifies how beautifully ordinary it is to love your grandchild for who they are exactly as they are. By normalizing the acceptance of queer identities, this is the exact type of positive queer representation pop culture needs. "Marry My Dead Body" is the rare comedy that will make you laugh with tears in your eyes, and leaves a lasting impression as you leave the theater.
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