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We Watch Challenge!

Challenge HereI, II

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Favorite Actors & Actresses

Some of my favorite actors to watch!

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Favorite Movies

Not in any particular order.

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Favorite Dramas

Some faves, not in any particular order.

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Back to the Past Watch Challenge 2021

Challenge Link Here2021 -2009 (The year I first started dramas)With a bonus challenge:Instead of just 1 title per year you can make it 2.plan…

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Exo Film & Television

List of variety shows, dramas, and movies of OT12. Sorted by members names in alphabetical order & partially chronological.  (Will organize…

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Long Lost List

A list of projects that I can't find yet, even without subs. Please let me know if you are able to find them. Thank you! :'(can't be found)':…

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