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Procrastination Zone


Procrastination Zone
Stay by My Side taiwanese drama review
Stay by My Side
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by RoseQ
sept. 1, 2023
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Globalement 8.0
Histoire 8.0
Jeu d'acteur/Casting 10.0
Musique 8.0
Degrés de Re-visionnage 7.0

Ghosts playing matchmakers

It was a fun ride for sure. I think the cinematography is beautiful, I really liked the filming locations. The OST was very catchy as well. And I think the plot was well written, things connected right and made sense. The reoccurring characters had some sense of purpose, which pushed the story forward in one way or the other. The comedic aspects are nicely incorporated and fit in well with the plot.

To be honest, at some point the ghosts appeared to be good wingpeople. Whenever they annoyed or scared poor Bu Xia enough, he would run to Jiang Chi. And while I do agree that the idea that he only wants him close to keep the voices out of his head is problematic, they do address this problem and I think that’s important. Communication makes things easier (too bad it’s not Bu Xia’s strong point).

Jiang Chi & Bu Xia: The two are adorable together! They seem to be quite different from one another, but they still make a great pairing. Bu Xia might not be the best academically and can be quite awkward at times, but he is still a cutie. He is afraid of ghosts. Or at least afraid of ghosts trying to get them do their bidding. Jiang Chi is both smart and athletic, but he is also confident and goes after what he wants. And that’s Bu Xia. They start as enemies, but things quickly make a turn for the better. The two face plenty of troubles, but I do think they balance each other nicely. The two actors did amazingly and had great chemistry as well.

I really liked Bu Xia’s sister too. She was a fun character, and I absolutely loved her relationship with her brother. They teased each other but were also the person the other could count on. Always and for everything. That’s life with siblings!

The ending is kind of open, so it makes me think they might be planning for S2. At least I hope they are. I considered such an ending a possibility, but I wasn’t sure what route they will take. It might be considered finished, I guess, but to me it still feels like there is more of the story to follow. So fingers crossed for another season.  
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