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  • Lieu: Procrastination Zone
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  • Date d'inscription: janvier 26, 2023
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Procrastination Zone


Procrastination Zone
Stay Still hong kong drama review
Stay Still
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by RoseQ
août 29, 2023
5 épisodes vus sur 5
Globalement 6.5
Histoire 6.5
Jeu d'acteur/Casting 8.0
Musique 8.0
Degrés de Re-visionnage 6.0

Too much happening for such a short amount of time

I’d say the episode zero is a must watch before watching this. It’s a short episode but it give some background information for the opening scene of the series to make more sense. The series looks realistic, both the characters and events. I do like the production value as well, there are certain scenes that are just so beautiful to watch.

But what’s with all the couples?! This is an extremely short series. All episodes combined and it’s still less than 90min long. I don’t understand why the story needs to be told by a girl who we don’t really know much about. She is simply telling the story of the other two couples to her lover. There is not nearly enough time to really develop all the storylines, so it does come across as quite choppy and rushed. I did like that the flashbacks were quite clearly separated from the present.

Damien & Hayden: there is not really much to say about them. We got a few snippets of them spending time together and apart, but I don’t think we really got much information on either of the two. Damien is heartbroken, possibly Hayden too. But that’s pretty much it. They do form some sort of connection, but the intensity doesn’t really correspond to what we see otherwise.

Kelvin & Archie: their story is heartbreaking. No matter how you look at it, someone will get hurt. And the person who might end up suffering the most, is the one who is the most innocent one in this whole mess. I do think that Kelvin is really trapped. And say what you want, but what he had to go through and is still going through is not something a good person does to another. Especially if they care about that person. No, that is what an abuser does.

All in all, I think there was just too much to be resolved for such a short series. It would have greatly benefitted from focusing only on one couple or having a few more episodes.

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