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I got into the foreign drama world by seeing 100,000 ads on tiktok for iqIYI between us. So I started out with BL.  I have always been a fan of anime so I'm not against watching subtitles though I do wish I was multilingual because things are lost in translation. 

I watch Netflix, YouTube, daily motion when I can find a decent version, iqIYI, Rakuten viki and  Hulu when I find one that I enjoy there.  I don't have a specific country I watch, i.e. Chinese or Korean. If I like the synopsis or description of the show I will add it to my watch list. 

I try and be open minded when it comes to dramas in general especially foreign because culture differences make a difference in a lot of instances.  I am a huge fan of Lee dong wook  as well as wang hedi, kaotung, first and jas work and will seek them out if I get on a kick. Yang yang is also a solid actor as well. Song kang is a new actor that I've gotten into because of my demon on Netflix. 


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