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I have been watching drama since 2006. I have corrupted several ppl over the yrs. Convincing them to watch as well. My sister was 1 of the 1st to be brought into the! There are several sites that I use 2 watch online. I may be able 2 help if anyone is looking for something 2 watch. 

I am on Facebook if u want to look me up:

You can also find me on pinterest hording all my fave actors/singers. My hording obsession is my sisters fault. 

Faves list(b/c I'm only allowed to pick 5)
--Micky Yoochun --Hyun Bin--Park Shin Hye   
--TOP--Park Yoo Hwan   --Kang Dong Won
--Rainie Yang--Lee Sun Gyun--Yeo Jin Goo 
--Kim Jung Hwa--Jang Geun Seok--Yoo Seung Ho
--Mike He--Kim Nam Gil --Lee Hong Ki
--Park Gun Tae --Kim Jae Wook--Lin Ariel
--Ji Chang Wook--Moon Geun Young --Yoon Eun Hye
--Lee Byung Hun--Bi Rain--Lee Jun Ki
--Song Hye Kyo--Joo Won--Kim Bum
--Choi Kang Hee--Jung Il Woo--Yoo Seung Ho
--Song Ji Hyo--Jo In Sung--Lee Jun Ki
--Lee Donghae--Kang Ji Hwan--Gong Yoo
--Kim Jae Wook--Lee Chung Ah--Lee Ki Woo
--No Min Woo--Park Ki Woong--Yoon Shi Yoon
--Song Joong Ki--Lee Jang Woo--Jung Yong Hwa


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