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Oh! Boarding House (Movie) korean drama review
Oh! Boarding House (Movie)
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by LightHouse74
juil. 23, 2022
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Not as Good as the Series

This is the rare case of when the series is better than the movie version.

The Movie/Series: Both had a cute storyline and a good script. The acting was ok for the most part. There were times some of the actors seemed rigid and unsure about what was going on. I was not a fan of the ending and was hoping for something better.

The Movie: The main problem with the movie version is it suffers from very poor editing choices. They cut many scenes from the series that did not help with the story progression. They left out some key scenes which made various scenes seem disjointed. I was not a fan of the ending in the series version, but it was better than the edited version in the movie. I didn’t think I could hate the ending more, but the movie version proved me wrong.

Random Notes:
I recommend watching the series instead of the movie version.
It was cute to see the cross promotional material for Behind Cut which was made by the same production company.
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